Knocking Another One Back

I read a lot. It helps recharge my writing battery? That and sucking dick. Nothing like a nice long cock going into your mouth every now and then to put some perspective in your life. Ground you back into the real world. I read a lot of comic books mostly because I like them, but also because most of the writing is in the art. I have a really hard time stealing the style of a book if it is in art form. As a writer it can be challenging because it is natural to pick up on the traits of the writer you are reading heavily. So when I am in writing mode, which seems to be always right now, I don’t read any actual books. I read comics. Problem is I am currently following way too many comics right now.

Lets count them out. I am currently reading in some form or another Black Monday Murders (Great Fucking Book), Motor Crush, Kill or Be Killed (GFB), Saga (GFB), Wicked + Divine, Deadman Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love, The Fade Out, Deadly Class, Monster Musume, Prison School, Deadpool vs Punisher, Daredevil, Bullseye, Kingpin, Punisher, Invincible, Wayward, C.O.W.L., Criminal, Redneck, Black Cloud, Horizon, The Few(GFB), Eclipse, Moon Knight, Venom, Plastic, Clean Room, Unholy, Grave Lilies, The Unbelievable Gwenpool, Spider Gwen (Side note. I’m really, like really into all this Gwen Stacy stuff and I have no reason why. I can’t recommend you read it but I know that I am not stopping anytime soon. If anything they need a whole Gwen line of comics or something. Back to the list.), El Diablo, Pretty Deadly, Love in Hell: Death Life, Rumble, Hack/Slash, Beauty, Trees, Paper Girls, and those are the ones I like.

Not going to shit on the ones I don’t like or at least not today Batman. What the fuck though with the Rebirth? Tell me DC should I trust you not to stick a rusted out pipe up my ass again like you did with the New 52? Because I don’t. With that said Red Hood for life. Oh and because I hate myself I started reading a book despite what I said about not reading a book.

6 thoughts on “Knocking Another One Back”

  1. Wow. Not sure where to start except YOU REFERENCED THE SHAMBLES THAT IS THE NEW 52!!! I MEAN!!!! I don’t want to jump the gun here but I’m swiftly and deeply crushing on you , you missing part of my brain, L.
    I don’t have a cock for you, though…so. Would a nice warm embrace do?
    God, sorry. Early here and brain not quite right.
    But yes, Red Hood!
    You are SO …. !!!!!!

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    1. haha… damn… I was hoping you did… well this is awkward… I guess the embrace will do… I mean it was a call out for Cocks… : )

      fuck the New 52… and this Rebirth… I don’t even know what is happening at Marvel…. it is insane…

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      1. So crestfallen now!!! Hope you still like me, cockless as I am .

        Have to stop saying cock.
        Aaarrgghh! Stop!!

        Okay..not that I want to get too personal but I got the feeling you’re married? No? Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Too much? Shut up, M?
        Okay fine!
        Embracing you hotly anyway…

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      2. Lol, okay I Sherlock Holmesed that over the course of my beautiful trip into your mind, with the part of my brain that wasn’t preoccupied with crushing on your writing and mind etc etc (haha, love loaded etcs!!!)

        I gathered you’re married, have a little one and don’t overly refer to them, which is quite admirably private and personal of you .


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