Something Different

Got There Early
Fuck if I care where this goes
Life dragging me down in either direction
Heaven is full of assholes
What’s that say about hell?
In the long run nobody knows
Dancing with the devil in a long black dress
It’s so easy to say I’m depressed
Condensed to an absent thought
Want to go back to where this all begin
No looking back from here until death
Mind over matter but there’s nothing left
Hearing voices inside my head
Crying out for help but they’re already dead
Slowly getting back at me from the inside
Digging my own grave with every breath

Under Age Sale Prohibited
We can’t change our pasts no matter how hard we try
They say true love is dead and we all know the reasons why
Honesty is the best weapon when telling a lie
Truth cuts deeper than any knife
Breaking apart was so much easier before
The separation is too hard to endure
So unsure about what I mean
Too confused about how I feel
Infused with all the bull shit of me  and you

Hope You Know It
At this rate I’ve gone past insane
My brain wants to escape this cage
Doesn’t matter it will always be the same
Drinking numbs the pain but for how long
Drugs don’t do shit as everyone knows
This whole thing has been dragging on me
For a while, a time before this all
What I want is not what I need
What I need I could never want
Caught between the waves
Craving for something more than nothing at all
Giving up the ghosts was never as easy as it seemed
Haunting sense of what could be

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