Walking In On Broken Thoughts

Puking into the bucket that is an anagram for thoughts once thought. It becomes too much of a hassle to explain everything when no one is listening. A plastic veil hidden behind us all. A wall built up tall. Thinking has only gotten no one anywhere. A thought, a moment in time, a feeling left behind. Broken sentences lead to broken thoughts. We are told that grammar is important, necessary even narcissistic. When you’ve been able to keep up so far then we may be one and the same. Such a sad day. The pain of the dragging razor makes all of this seem okay. When none of it could ever really be that way. The repeated anal penetration was fun for a minute, but now there is too much tearing and it’s starting to hurt.

Life still has many more tricks left up its sleeve, but I have to admit I don’t have any more compassion for this shit. An endless loop of all the things that I will have to do later today. Maybe it is time to switch to my knees. Begging for mercy while taking it from both ends. They say God cares, answers prayers, but how could anyone ever know until the end?

A suicidal mission with little sense of fulfillment. A cautionary tale to not believe all the bull shit presented to you. The words become filled with lies the more you read them. The more you worship them. The more you know I was right, but you’ll never see that, that wasn’t the point all along. Fuck God and fuck you for making me say it. Condemned myself so you’d understand. Condemned myself to have an excuse for all of this.

7 thoughts on “Walking In On Broken Thoughts”

  1. Oh yes. Fuck you for making me say it is a phrase I know well.
    Since my post wherein I was supposed to be able to intimate cheeky and audacious thoughts to you was invaded, I believe I deserve a post of your nomination where I can..talk to you and stuff, where no one else treads. You know?
    I’ll tell you something I was hesitant to say but…fuck it.
    I feel like… you’re dark enough to NOT judge my darkness but bright enough to kiss my hand and guide me to the dawn.


    Ugh…. probably.

    But I felt it so I said it.


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    1. Only if you tell me where we are going… I never know where I am going… haha… I’m not going to judge you… for speaking your mind… I think talking things out is much better than driving a stake into them… that is a weird phrase…

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      1. Hahaha…giggling.
        Where do you want to go? Let me think about it…
        Is it a vampire? My mind? That I’m driving the stake into?
        My mind IS a vampire sometimes I suppose! Drinking in the sweet plasma of your words for supernatural sustenance.

        Okay, now I sound weird! 🖤

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      2. Oh no, you really DO think I’m weird? It’s only okay sometimes…?! That kind of hurt!!!

        Maybe I should ease up on the showering of comments? I’m sorry…

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