Retouching On Bad Memories

People get way too hyped up over these fucking holidays. They are made up, by us no less, they do not matter, so take the dildo up your ass and pull it down a notch. Working in a grocery store is insanity on high. There is a holiday every fucking month and yet still every one of the top people loses their minds. They act as if this is the big one. This one day out of the whole year will pay for every other day forever. They act as if no one will ever eat again after today.

Maybe if the world ends than yes people will have to stop eating. Unless of course the economy completely collapses then we will be the first place taken over by raiders, so they still will be coming here because people need to eat. This fucking months holiday, because again we have at least one every god damn month, is back to school.

Yes back to school is a major holiday at the grocery store I work at. Everyone is acting as though we are storming the beaches of Normandy. The big ones coming, this is it people, back to school, back to school, back to school. This is madness. With the kids in school people need less food in the house. Most of them will buy lunches or receive them at school depending on the area. Yes people will be back from going on vacation, but this place hasn’t been a ghost town for the last two months. So what are the sales up by a percent starting now? We really need to lose our shit over a percent?

Again they act as if after this weekend no one is coming back to this store to buy food. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was a few holidays out of the year that they are like this, but it is every holiday. Maybe because I don’t get bonuses from all the bull shit that I don’t care as much? I do however get the lovely joy of doing all the work and dealing with all their bull shit, and yet I’m calm because it is just another fucking day. Thanksgiving wasn’t created to sell more shit it just happens to be like that. Jesus wasn’t born on the 25th so we could sell more shit. If he was even born on that day at all. As far as sales go grocery is a cake walk, but these people have their heads so far up their ass that they have to worry about nothing. In the history of America when was the last time we were like nah I’m good on eating today?

Never, and here in Texas we have enough fat fucks to make a company earn twenty billion dollars plus a year. We aren’t even in every city in Texas. We are expanding all the time. The idea that we have to worry about one single weekend is insane. I get that we should always be a little concerned no one might come in, but as long as we don’t raise the prices to obscene levels and maintain our quality we should be more than fine. Having one weekend a month define who we are as a company is stupid. We need to keep the same level at all times. For fuck sakes people have to eat.


3 thoughts on “Retouching On Bad Memories”

  1. Constant reminders of this holiday and that month’s celebration and this season’s latest god knows what the fuck, is all just to keep us indoctrinated in this routine, these lies that we’re fed since the first day of school, this programming to numb our precious pineal gland, closing it so we can never see the truth of anything, flooding it with chemicals and food that goes, “ssshh, it’s okay…eat…gorge
    ….get fat and wipe your mouth with the paper bag your giganto burger came in because you’re just animal, a drone and you’ll never be a bright star because we want to keep you slow and somber and congenially flaccid.”
    Yep.loved this.
    Are you not getting sick of me yet? God, I hope not. If so… I’m sorry…

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      1. Love that out of my entire tirade of spewy brain matter , you cared enough to pluck out my little pearl of self doubt…so thank you. As I said, very charming L…

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