Something Different

A Constant Ending with an Evolving Beginning

We sleep in a blanket made of darkness
A power will rise that will seem unstoppable
All things eventually fail
The idea was dead before we were ever born
Our history made of lies is catching up
The beliefs we believe have always been false
Told what to do and how to think
An iron curtain so thick no light could ever get through
Guns, God, and government the three G’s
Suffocating us into sleep
The problem isn’t the distraction but each and every one of us
A culture based on greed can’t breed good things
We profit from death yet are afraid to die
The catch 22 is in our advancement
Only problems never solutions
The great nation hasn’t won a war since world war two
Who is to blame when all these generations know nothing better
Peace is paved in bodies
Under God there can be no peace if everyone is wrong
Religion, money, and freedom has become the new evils
Redressed to seem as though this is untrue
There is no God in pain
There is no money in happiness
There is no freedom in death
Only another cause to keep fighting for
America will die and a new evil shall rise
This is how it always works, this is how it is

Into Reality

Lies, lies we tell ourselves to get by
Everyone is standing in their windows
Hoping to get noticed, but everyone is too busy
Ignoring the people in their shitty lives
A generation raised on hiding, despising
Falsified documents made to look like lives
Every ones opinion locked away in a data bank
What did you do today?
Nothing the same as always
Who wants to hear the truth, infliction
What you mean, the words get twisted
Infections, choose properly or be torn down
Shit upon, dragged around and forgotten
This is the world in which we live our lives

5 thoughts on “Something Different”

  1. My god, L. My breath got trapped in my chest reading this. I’m reading these in order and I literally JUST left a comment on the previous post which could have basically been the partner of THIS POST.
    okay. …all sorts of flutters of understanding going on.
    You know, it’s a bit weird, because you’re not really around and I’m invading your mind library here, commenting like a mad woman enamored by your dark, shining words and I kind of feel that you’ll read all this and go, “good grief, is she fucking mental???!”
    I mean I’m not. Maybe a little. I’m taking pills for it, though.
    Kind of.
    Or am I……(twists handlebar moustache menacingly)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Right? Days merge into months into any other measurements of artificially constructed time. I’ll share if you want…I am an extremely giving and generous young lady 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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