Shit Got Said

How do we solve so many problems when we can’t even decide on one to fix first? Maybe it is the overabundance of simple problems that has caused the world to go insane? Sense of purpose slipping away each and every day. Religion gives away hopelessness that the society can not sustain. The outcasts have no fight, no war, no reason, so they have to start one. But even then there’s nothing to stand on. What is ISIS? What does it matter in the sense of things?

If they want to be the new North Korea so bad then maybe we should let them. Fuck it and see what happens, right? Easier to kill the beast when it is in the open than hidden underground. They fear “the freedoms” of the rest of the world then maybe it is time we let them have them. Children want to be adults until the moment it happens. I for one think it is time for ISIS to grow the fuck up. Accept the responsibilities they so think they deserve or want. A nice social experiment. How long can they survive when there is no one to lead? What will they do when there is no one to rebel against?

I don’t think they can. America started as a rebellion, a guerrilla state, but at least they had a purpose. A cause without a purpose is nothing at all. What does ISIS want so very badly? For the United States and its allies to leave the area? Pack up and let’s go. Ban all trade, travel, and all other shit that we can and have done. How’s Cuba doing? Oh yeah not so well.

We could strike down any aircraft coming in or out of their new Islamic State or force anyone coming through the border back across. Of course there is a reason that we don’t do any of this and that is the real question we should be asking. But we don’t. The Middle East couldn’t be less of a problem if they tried. Something doesn’t add up, something stinks of lies, and it is about time we opened our eyes.

3 thoughts on “Shit Got Said”

  1. It’s all lies, L.
    They ( the real THEY in power) have to create an enemy for the world to fear. Fear is controllable. You must know that.
    Love the way your mind works. It’s like you’ve accepted injustice but can’t help but use your words to fight it. I feel that too

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    1. It is a shit show of a scenario… more people should be paying attention and here in America a lot of them really don’t… then they get all up in arms because so and so did this or that… well yeah you weren’t looking or caring… of course they took your health care away… no one told them they couldn’t… and when they asked no one showed up… a big thing here is to let them strip us naked… wait for the backlash… and then after they hand us a sock back… be grateful we still have a sock… “They gave us a sock. They are so awesome.” smiles… “Yeah, but your ass is still swaying in the wind.”… it is sad…

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      1. Hahaha, oh love that. Yes exactly true. People won’t open their eyes though because it’s way more cozy and comfy with that snuggly wool pulled over them!


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