Something Different In Pieces

The demon it sleeps, waking only for the sound of broken bones
A ringing that snaps the consciousness, a fear steeped in blood
Fighting the demon requires an understanding
A contract of self-defecation, A knowing of constant failure
There can be no winner when all is lost
The stones tell a story of loss and misguidance
A reason to know that none of this ever mattered
The letters in blood are lost to the times
The words they spell make no sense to anyone
Gun fire in the distance, frustration released on the innocent
Taking control never meant being in charge

Syphoning​ the blood to sell for oil
I don’t know of a better way to inflict toil
Breaking down barriers to exterminate freedom
I don’t know of a better way to express reasons
Sounding sad to get what we are
The victims of our own troubles
Owning something sounds too harsh
I don’t know of a better reason to destroy
Freedoms lacking from the start

My eyes are open to the world and I do not like what I see
A cascading river of blood washing over me
How could this world have come to be
A distant memory of civilization
Books I read that made me believe we are one
Lies told from the throat of the devil

Your policies don’t make sense
When stacked up next to each other
Is it that you hate people or people unlike you
The vast majority fit into your minority
A walking pariah, self-appointed Messiah
You’re not God or even the devil
A walking mistake we all have to live with

3 thoughts on “Something Different In Pieces”

  1. I read something that went something like this:

    The ancients were sacrificed thousands of years ago and we are living in the murder scene. But we don’t even know it

    I’m wildly paraphrasing but it speaks about history that we’re not told about, secrets and truths of the earth that our ancient ancestors knew and traced in the sky through the stars and a huge event occured, a huge sacrifice and all knowledge was lost, except to some people who put themselves in power and HAVE BEEN in power for generations and keep the truth from us, keep us subdued and we merrily plod along , ignorant, fat and blind, unaware of our true nature and purpose.
    Or something.
    I like it because it’s contrary to EVERYTHING we’re taught and THAT is hypotonic to me.
    Okay, loving you and moving on to the next post

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    1. Very true… I’m not even sure if the “families” even know why they are in power anymore… they have been on easy street so long… they don’t even know any different… they have no purpose outside of control…

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      1. Yep. But I’m sure they know why they want control. It’s mass, genetic , possibly ‘deal with the devil’ psychopathy.
        Wow. Too much to get into in a comment!
        I could go on and on!


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