Beyond The Time

In every past life, at every attempt I have failed. Every new life is nothing more than another mistake. A continued struggle that lives through me dwelling for centuries, maybe even eons. I don’t know anymore. In every reincarnation I have learned nothing new. The idea of it all seems so impossible even to me. Possible or not I am forever trapped on this plane of existence. A never-ending nightmare where only the surroundings change and not the circumstances in which I came to be. It is almost as though I don’t even exist.

Blind, the people around me are blind to their own recurring cycles. Spinning out of control together we dance in circles without the thinnest idea we have done this before. Not a day on repeat, but a lifetime of pain and suffering. From the cradle to the grave, day after day I clutch at nothing. Receiving nothing in this alleged life as yet another hand full of ash flows through my fingers. I’ve watched her die over and over again. The way may be different in each lifetime, but her eyes.

The look in her eyes never changes. They stare me down. Straight into my soul. They say, “Why?” Why haven’t you saved me? Not even once. The look in her eyes is what I fear each and every life time. I will continue this cycle unless I find my way out of this place. The surreal knowledge of all the pain I am destined to experience hangs over me like a dark cloud. It is years before I remember that I have been here before, that I have done this before, and the emotions flood in. Can we really be the only ones? Could it be possible that the others willingly participate in their own pain? When did this begin? My brain wants to explode at the thoughts. Questions I have asked before I’m sure. Questions I am still compelled to ask today.

I play my part and I do my time. Waiting for something, anything that could be seen as an answer.  There is no God in a place like this or there is nothing but God. Stabbing, digging through the life time ahead of me. Waiting for something to change other than the time. Ashes to ashes, she will rise again after I have fallen and risen once again. I will find her, we will fall in love, and then she will die once again. A love that I can not stop myself. An unbroken chain of desire. I need to fight it. Fight what compels me inside. Broken, my mind is broken from all the life times I have lived. I’ve gone by so many names I no longer know what my name once was. I have helped empires to rise only to be there when they fall. If this is hell. How long is an eternity?

3 thoughts on “Beyond The Time”

    1. That seems like a much darker road to go down, but you could be onto something. Love can be more powerful than we can understand. The character is going through a life or lives where they are destined to love the same person forever, but every time they meet she is taken away from them. It was going to be a much longer story originally. I’m not much of a romance writer, but I wanted to try my hand at it. I have written only two ever. The other one I am saving for my next book. Thank you for reading and responding.

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