Hitchin’ a Ride

Someone came up with the idea a long time ago. The way things were supposed to be. The powers that be crucified him, and anyone who challenged their ideals. They say don’t believe in false idols, but what else is there to believe in, in a world without hope?

Layne Ambrose is an idea much bigger than myself. So massive it lives within another realm. A world that doesn’t forgive or five much hope. A world similar to this one where the hopes and prayers of the weak fall on deaf ears. Money runs this world, but what if it didn’t? What if instead of being based on lies the world was really based on truth? What if the world was merely ran by assholes?

We kneel before the one that rules over this world. We used to call it praying for those of you who are old enough to remember such things. Gave it up for the idea of power, the idea of freedom. A broken dream to believe in such lies. Rise to the ones that hold us down. A nihilistic cause has always seemed a waste of time. A go nowhere idea, but honestly where are we now? A time not so long ago the sun was the true god. Now it powers cars, homes, computers, and so much more. Have we lost touch with something we have forgotten? Something we gave up long ago.

The world is changing every day yet somehow it is getting worse. The problems don’t ever go away. Maybe the only real problem is inside each and every one of us? Has nothing to do with the things around us. So in conclusion go fuck yourself.

Too soon for a thought like that. What I mean to say is insert a large rod like item straight into your ass, repeat vigorously. If you thought that hurt you haven’t been on this planet very long. The pain will subside in time, but really it won’t. Over time you will only grow to ignore the pain. Then it will become normal, expected, and a lot less invasive when the world holds you down and takes what they believe to be theirs. Thank me later.

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