“Call You Up In The Middle Of The Night”

When you transfer you just take on other people’s problems. More bullshit you don’t want, but have to smile and take it. Nothing like selling yourself to the highest bidder only to take on more debt you don’t need. This place, these types of places are the end of the American dream and the beginning of the new slave auction houses. A spectrum much greater than we thought even existed. Ride the lightning like it is going somewhere but it’s not. Too much smoke in the eyes and up our asses.

We live in a clouded haze of long lost broken ideals. Where does the lie end and the truth long lost on the damned begin? The minority of the majority. Stop to listen and get ran over for reflecting for a second. We like to stand on the backs of others and then wonder why they get so upset for shitting all over them. Such a strange scenario. Maybe the air is too thin at the top to think straight. If you treat those at the bottom right they in turn will treat you in the same manner. Religion understood this even if they choose to blindly ignore the principle today.

As time goes on the madness sinks in. Deep within our minds and our bodies. Right down to the bones. We think we are owed something because we are. Basic rights are not hard to grant, but seems so much easier to take. Respect is hard to come by when you are at the bottom. Better than me? Sure, but what happens when the money is all gone? I’ll have a shovel waiting for you. The shit goes in the corner and its best you do as you’re told. Welcome to your new home. The sky has a limit and the ground keeps sinking under the weight of all this shit. How is it to feel like me? Love for you to tell me.

8 thoughts on ““Call You Up In The Middle Of The Night””

    1. It is a great song… I needed a title… was listening to that song as I wrote it… that line just stuck in my head… repeating and repeating… also you again are the only one to get that, that is where that is from…

      What happened to the duo?…

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      1. It’s been playing in my head since I read your post.

        I LOVE that I’m the only one to get that. Makes me feel special and unique and brainially connected to you…

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      2. Oh the duo…

        Well, we moved to a different town from where the hotel was that we used to sing in, so the distance wouldn’t have worked and it run its course anyway I think.

        I enjoyed it a lot but you know, life gets in the way..

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