Figuring Out I Was Wrong, Still Could Be Right

It is easy to get lost in all this shit. It is easy to forget that there is a whole other world out there. One I used to be a part of. Friends that I used to know. Places I used to go and now it is the same thing over and over again. The same old bull shit. Not much longer from now this will turn into the past, and just like my current past it will all become lost again.

It’s somewhere in there already, but lost all the same. Distant memories made up of good times and bad. I miss some of it. Okay a lot of it. Times were simpler of course because they always are. Life doesn’t get any easier than the way it was before. I miss Japan. I miss the life that I had there and yet I don’t really. At the time it was alienating. It was strange. Not the country. The country is amazing. It is part of me. Anytime I hear something bad happening there or happened I feel for the people. Off point. The things that were strange about being there was that I shouldn’t have been there at all.

All day I meet people who have never left the state let alone the country. I shouldn’t have been so lucky to see another country. To experience a life and a world outside of my own. It is damaging. Good or bad it was damaging. It has caused me to be lost in this new world I must live in. This off-putting only I matter world when you and I really don’t. That’s the thing about not getting out of your bubble is that you don’t realize that you are not important. Sure you can cause a big scene maybe fuck up some people’s day, but honestly you and your whole town could vanish of the face of the earth. Life would go on. A depressing thought I know, but the truth can be that way sometimes.

They’d make a new town. Maybe not right away because a bunch of people just vanished, but over time they’d move in. People love free shit even if it might kill them. Life is so minimal that it seems to be something greater than it really is. It is all so serious when it doesn’t have to be. We are either losing out on enjoying life or at a shot to enjoy life. It comes full circle I guess. I don’t know. Maybe I am only speaking for myself with the idea that I am speaking to others.

Looking back I wasted so much time caring about what others think or how things should be. Could be my cross to bear or it could be life. Either way I am lost in this new world I am forced to live in or I am lost in the old one that I had to give up. Life is ever evolving, constantly changing, and we are all here to keep it going. Lost or not we all have our place in time.

7 thoughts on “Figuring Out I Was Wrong, Still Could Be Right”

  1. Very well written as always!!!
    I am glad I found your blog… Really
    I found your blog when I was going through a tag I follow (#dark). And now I keep checking that tag every now and then to find more stuff like this, because what you write is amazing and I can always read something like this.
    I found a blog today on a similar tag I am guessing you will like it because I felt it is a little bit like yours and probably just as dark…
    Here’s the link

    Check him/her out.
    Keep posting stuff! I love reading them. I hope to find more blogs like these…

    Unlike other blogs that are all covered in glitter with all that optimism your blog is real. Though other blogs are pretty cool in their own way, I just love yours the most.
    Thank you for writing and DON’T STOP!!

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    1. I’m so glad that you are enjoying the blog… I will try to keep it up… Really glad I added the tag Dark…

      I am enjoying your blog as well… I like that you and your friends came together as one… It makes for a very rewarding experience as a reader… Each post is very unique on its own, but it creates a world that exist only on your site… Very cool…

      Checked out Fingertip Thoughts…. Started following them as well.. thank you for the suggestion… If you come across any more let me know… I’m really into checking out all types of writing, but I like the darker stuff more as well…

      Thank you for all the words of motivation…. : )

      Liked by 1 person

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