This One Is For Mel and Clever…

Or anyone who wants to listen…

This beat is infectious… The soundtrack to my life… Also, If you are interested in seeing this movie you should, but it is weird as fuck… David Lynch weird… The music is on point all day though…



This is a separate song… Much slower, but it puts me in a good trance…


If you want to go further down the rabbit hole… Die Antwoord… ZEF… ZEF all day…


Okay, I am done… Anyone who hasn’t been to Mel or Clever’s Blogs… You should check them out… They love music… writing… and all things really…



Why do none of my links ever work… Please copy and paste… if they didn’t work… Okay, I’m off to sleep or my version of it… Which is reading until I pass out before work…

63 thoughts on “This One Is For Mel and Clever…”

      1. Actually, Something was right. Something told me, after all. 😉
        They had another song Glove Puppet that I posted a few weeks ago. Or, it’s on YouTube. Or, both.

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  1. Buddy!!! You’re the sweetest bit of cold I’ve ever chewed on! Thanks for the shout out!

    I’m really touched because I’m a fan of YOURS in case you haven’t noticed! Smiling all day today! 😉

    Your friend,


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      1. Awww… hugs! You know… life…. you don’t have to apologize for not responding sooner. I should say life and time zones! LOL

        I’m on Central USA, Texas. Where are you buddy?

        And WOW on the fact that you thought of us… mainly me. Right? LOL!

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      2. Don’t tell Clever… but yeah… haha…

        No way you are in Texas?… No lie… I am also in Texas… Are you from here or a transplant like me?…

        Was a super long day at work… I want to get the Word Press app, but I know that I will be on it way too much… So I do everything from my computer for the website…

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      3. You are wise. The app is addictive. I am constantly checking it! LOL

        I’m a native Texan. Yep… that’s me. LOL! Boots and all. I don’t have spurs or anything but I do have my pistols and my ponies out back. LOL

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      4. haha… shakes head…. This is crazy… Next I’m going to find out Clever is my neighbor…. Closes blinds….

        Despite all the boots, the hats, the horses, the trucks, and the music… If you haven’t figured out I don’t fit in all that well here…

        Texas is pretty cool… The food though… the food is only second to Asian food…

        Is Clever my neighbor?…

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      5. Hey… I love Asian! I like tacos too but Asian is my favorite. There are lots of good Vietnamese and Sushi places where I am. I love Korean barbecue. I get Asian all the time when I can. Texas is a huge melting pot. I’m sure you fit right in. And I was just joking about the boots and stuff. Just everyone thinks we are always riding horses and ringing the horse shoe for supper. LOL

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      6. I think it is a front to keep people out… Isn’t working, but it was a good try… haha… Pho is so good… I haven’t had Korean barbecue in a long time… Been obsessed with Texas barbecue… No idea why Rudy’s is the worst barbecue in Texas… Though I have only been to the original location so I can’t judge the others… I haven’t been everywhere in Texas, but do you have Buc-ee’s where you live?… Love Buc-ee’s… They should be everywhere…

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      7. I’m in North Central Texas. That sound regional to me. Never heard of them. We have Dickey’s and Spring Creek Barbecue. Those are our chains. Really yummy!

        YES!! There is a place about five minutes from our house. PHO is amazing here. I love it!

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      8. I’m in the Hill Country… it’s hilly… haha… I wanted to live in Austin, well I wanted to move to Maine… But my wife’s family is from here and we were pretty broke… So options were tight… It’s a plot point in my next novel… five years ago I wanted to leave Texas, but it has really grown on me… The only thing is the heat is not for me and I miss the snow, but it isn’t that bad… I work early morning so I don’t have to deal with the heat much…

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      9. Maine… lovely. I love the east coast color leaf changes. I want to go live in Nova Scotia. At least buy some property there so I can be close the ocean and see some snow every freaking once and a while.

        Visited there once and fell in love. I wouldn’t mind transplanting myself to Canada one day.

        Now… yep… you’re way up there fella. Austin is awesome! You would love it! It’s quirky and can be kind of like a David Lynch flick. LOL. HUGE melting pot there.

        Well… yeah… I know a thing or two about being broke. And being near family is good for you. Hang in there. Haven’t gotten to your books yet. But you’re living the dream. It is bound to take off! I hope soon.


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      10. Thanks Mel… I still have a lot of work to do… before I get there… but I am enjoying the journey… one Broken Thought at a time…

        Canada would be amazing… If I was going to move back to the west coast… I’d live in Vancouver…

        Nova Scotia ah… Have you seen Trailer Park Boys?… The first few seasons were really something special…

        Austin is so very crazy and still pretty weird… : ) … It is defiantly a melting pot… and a place to be if you have the money…

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      11. We’ll get there Layne! Maybe one day we’ll all have dinner together. Our families… definitely with CLEVER! He’s amazing. And we’ll all be laughing and having a good time. I’ll have you over for some sardines or something. LOL.

        Trailer park boys, huh… I’ll check it out. I’ve seen it listed but I haven’t had much time to watch anything.

        Hugs and keep up those broken thoughts. They do string well together. You know? Yeah… they do.

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      12. Only if we can eat them with a silver spoon in our finest costumes… haha…

        Make sure it is the TV show… the Netflix original stuff is a little… bad : ( .. I wanted to like it so much, but it wasn’t the same…

        Keep dancing and writing your thoughts… I vant to read your vords… (comical vampire voice.. haha)

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      13. Oh… I believe that guys is in a neighboring state somewhere. I’m sure he’ll tell you himself.

        It would be lovely to have him as a neighbor though. We’d have some interesting meet ups for sure!

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      14. I don’t blame you for thinking of mainly Mel! 😉 She’s awesome. Thanks for barely throwing my name on there at the last second, lol!!!
        I’m in Ohio. Right on the border of Eastern and Central time. On the edge of tomorrow.. or… an hour from now.

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      15. Lol… well… actually… yes… he…is…we… were…separated…at…birth…don’t …you…know?😉 Lol

        Cell phone did not allow show embedded video… went to comments to read mine about song. But… yeah… he’s magical!😅

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  2. Die Antwoord! Twilight Zone theme party y’all! Loved it! Damn! This put a smile on my face and kind of dancin a bit… heh, heh, heh…

    My first comment on this cool music was just after listening to shell game… I love that track. Heard it before and I smiled when I saw it here.

    But they’re all so good! Thanks for this share! 😊

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