Titles and How They Work for Me?

I may have written myself into a hole. I know I’m always in a hole. Maybe a side hole? That sounds strange. What I mean is I need to recharge. Regroup my thoughts about everything. Call it writers block if you want, but I have been writing. I’ve been working on my next project Running Into Traffic. Full title is Running Into Traffic with a Pair of Scissors and a Glow Stick. Safety First. For those of you unfamiliar I like long ass book titles. My first short story collection was titled, Drinking Bleach to Stay Alive and my poem collection is called And Other Things From This Time. I cut them down to Drinking Bleach and And Other Things. This one will get a title cut down as well. Could you imagine the original title on a book shelf or in a review?

I’m sure you are thinking that this is for comedic purposes. Honestly it is not, but it did work out that way. Like Chewing on Glass I like to find fun ways to do awful things. Hints Drinking Bleach or Running Into Traffic. I also like to throw off the scent of what I am working on. Both titles don’t scream short story collection. Hopefully over time they will, but I can see at present that they don’t. No I don’t care.

I decided a long as time ago that for short story collections I would use something arcane for titles. Years ago when I was putting together Drinking Bleach I fell in love with that title though originally that was not my plan. In fact I had no plan to ever write bleach. What I wanted to write was A Lie my novel, but at the time I had never written a single story. So I wrote my ideas down for A Lie and what I wanted to say. Put it away kind of and began my first short story. Which was To Become King. I know an action story was the first story I ever wrote. Very strange indeed.

Lost focus there for a second. How I came to the title Drinking Bleach. Before I began writing or wanting to be a writer I wanted to be in a band. Music is a huge part of everything I do. I listen to music constantly. Sadly I have no musical talent. But what I do have is imagination. I use to imagine that I had this amazing band called The Virgin Suicides. (Yes the short story The Last Great Band is based on them. Which can be found in Drinking Bleach.) So they needed an album title and that is where I came up with Drinking Bleach. To fit into that whole gimmick. I had a lot of gimmicks for this band. I have a taste for the theatrics.

The idea for the cover was to reproduce that party scene from the film, but with all the kids drinking bleach instead of punch. Pretty basic. (Also I hate the smell of bleach so it seemed like a really shitty way to go.) This was also supposed to be the book cover, but that never happened. I went with a whole other picture with the idea of going back later and changing it. It is now years later and I still haven’t bothered. I like the current cover, but it doesn’t convey what I wanted to say. If you follow me on Twitter it is basically the same story about the Penguin…. I need to change that.

33 thoughts on “Titles and How They Work for Me?”

  1. I like your penguin…

    I’m also clueless (or cursed?) when it comes to titles and covers. I have no idea what to call stories, and despite my ultra minimal covers, they go through 5 bajillion iterations. The sticking point for getting the next book onto Amazon for me is that darned cover.

    I figure if I draw something enough times, eventually, something will stick.

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    1. I’m horrible with covers… I like too many things… I can’t decided if I want to do a retro things with my paintings or have actual covers… Then there is the fact that I have no artistic talent… That’s always a fun thing… haha… I think your covers are amazing… so whatever you need to do it.. keep doing it… Because I want to read the next one already…

      That’s two likes for the penguin so far… I guess I’m going to have to keep it… haha : )

      I want to do something a little bit darker, but I’m nervous I’m going to freak everybody out… It seems odd to go from a penguin to bloody pieces of glass or a pig head idea that I have… But then again this is chewing on glass… So who said it had to be normal?… haha

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      1. Artistic talent is in the eye of the beholder. People keep saying I’m artistic. Seriously? I scribble monsters… 🙂

        I’d say if you want to change from the penguin, go for it. You’ve been using it a long time on Twitter and WordPress so I think people associate you with the chilly bird ya know?

        And yes, to be fair, Chewing on Glass… We should not expect a friendly penguin… Maybe give him fangs and a blood trail? 😛

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      2. Peter…. They are damn fine Monsters… shh it’s okay Hydra… He wasn’t talking about you… Don’t cry Yuffie it wasn’t about you either…. Look what you have done… take the damn compliments… They are well deserved… : )

        As soon as I’m done being lazy I think that I will change it… So maybe in a year or two… haha… It takes a long time to chew glass… even longer to swallow it…

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  2. Somehow this is a really a long title post, Layne. I always don’t know what to do with my post’s title, so recently I just has some very short title. I found chewing on glass and your penguin are really interesting.

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  3. I wrote a post some time ago on tips for writing a title. The title of my first publication (a non-fiction) is “Lost Farms of the St. Croix Valley.” Sadly, I didn’t really have much control over the title. Some of the things that I learned is to have unique, catchy titles – I seriously will never forget yours, so I’d say it’s working. Thanks for sharing – titles are so dang important but one of the most difficult things to think of!

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    1. I like that title… Love to read that post… and check out your book… Thank you for your kind words, stopping by, and commenting… Titles are one of my favorite things… Hardest part of a good title is living up to it…

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  4. When I don’t know what to do with the post title I make up something irrelevant and sarcastic
    Drinking bleach is a cool name, really
    Drinking bleach to stay alive would also be a cool name
    Fall Out Boy is known to have long ass titles for their songs
    I slept with someone in Fall Out Boy and all I got was this song written about me
    Tell that Mick he made the list of things I’m doing today
    That’s where I got my ideas for titles.
    Now they’ve started to cut their titles short
    It was a nice post by the way, I liked it.
    Keep writing, have fun

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  5. Never thought about titles until now. I come up with my post and then… the title happens.

    I’m like… Meh… it works.

    But my current work… went from MATL to Some Kind of Heaven. Cause… it just works better and I like it. 😂

    Enjoying your chews! Thanks buddy!

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  6. I like your titles. I like the long ones because they kind of sound like you’re going, “A title? How’s THIS for a fucking title bitches?! Too long, hmmm? Fuck you! I will long this out for pages and pages if I have to! Mwahaha .. !!”

    You know?

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