Liebster Award Nominee and a Butt Ton of Questions… (Fun Post)

Hey… I was nominated for an award by Ken over at 

Ken produces some of the deepest and most amazing poetry. Personal favorite is My Mother… He also started writing flash fiction and should do more of it… Poke… I want more Ken… Don’t make me have to beg…

I look forward to his post and I hope you do too… So check him out… Ken

In accordance with the award’s nature… I had to thank the person that nominated me… display the award’s picture on my blog… and list 10 random things about myself…. This also should be done by my nominees…

10 random things about me

  1.  I like to wear only black clothes… Making an exception for my custom Little Fears shirt…
  2. I’m really into not being in…
  3. I paint…
  4. I love trap, rap, and R&B music… and ZEF Rap…
  5. My favorite show is Always Sunny in Philadelphia… Seinfeld on Crack…
  6. I’m really into comic books… I have way too many and by that I mean not enough…
  7. Japanese food is my favorite… Yakisoba… from northern Japan…
  8. Daredevil is my favorite super hero… because his power is that he is blind…
  9. I have daily doubts about what my favorite song is…
  10. I really like commas… despite my over use of periods…

I nominate




Soren and Fox

Ally L. Mare

Unsure how to tag people so hopefully the links work or I screwed this all up…

I was asked these two questions

  1. What would you consider as the most embarrassing moment of your life…
    I was telling someone I liked the band Alien Sex Fiend… but I said Anal Sex Fiend… yeah… that someone was my father-in-law….
  2. If you were a bird, who would you shit on 😂
    First off I am a bird… well a type of bird… and I shit on myself constantly… So more of that…

So now, to my nominees here are my questions for you.

  1. What is your favorite kind of post to read or write?… doesn’t have to be your most popular…
  2. How often should someone changes their underwear?… there’s no wrong answer, but best answer wins…


I kind of just want to ask people random questions now… I know all of these people, but do I know them… Is it odd to know all of our thoughts and feelings on life, but we have no idea what each of our favorite colors are?… Something to chew on…

38 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nominee and a Butt Ton of Questions… (Fun Post)”

    1. Thank you… It took me awhile as well… Couldn’t decide how weird I wanted to get with it… haha… I tried to think of things I thought might not come up in my blog or writing… if that helps… such as Daredevil being my favorite superhero… since I don’t talk about comics much if ever…

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  1. What is your favorite kind of post to read or write?… doesn’t have to be your most popular
    Not one kind. Multiple kinds. So, if a blog does one thing over and over, I would like it only if I loved that one thing. That’s reading and writing both.

    …How often should someone changes their underwear?… there’s no wrong answer, but best answer wins…
    Daily at minimum. Best at a traffic light. Ask the driver of the car next to you if they’ll change with you. A good way to meet people.

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      1. Yes. We both had eclectic blogs.

        We didn’t exchange underpants til later. We’re both superheroes, and we had to share the town’s only phone booth. Stupid cell phones!

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    1. haha… Thanks Mel… Iron Man has grown on my since the movies came out… Before… outside of Demon in a Bottle…. he wasn’t as strong of a character… I think people just didn’t know what to do with him?… but since RDJ… I think the writers finally found a channel for him… Civil War was also a major turning point for him…

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  2. Congratulations on get nominated and all!! You definitely deserved to be nominated
    Oh my god!! Thank you!!! I never thought I’d be Nominated for any award thing… This is awesome!
    Thank you so much Layne! 😄

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  3. Congratulations on being nominated!!!
    Yes it is possible not to know some small things about the people you know really well(you may have had some deep meaningful conversations)…but if it so then you should probably have a senseless banter and find those small things about a person because it’s one of the things that help the relationship to grow and flourish.

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  4. Hello my soul friend.
    Loved your answer to no.5
    ASIP is underrated genius!
    I also figured you always wear black. Also, it’s funny, but my brain always makes its own images as to what people look like if they don’t have a photo, and I already have a photo in my head, lol.
    Not weird at all
    I did a lot of these awards in my previous incarnation, but this time I’ve been nominated but haven’t done any…not sure why.
    Okay, off to read more. No doubt you won’t respond to this so I’ll just say a string of odd words, cause , why the eff not?

    Boo, bicycles, chinese takeaway, punk champagne, trash TV, la la la, squiggle, cuddles

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