Things Could Not Possibly Be Any Better

When everything hit, it hit harder than anyone saw coming. Bullets flew, bodies laid lifeless, and choices were made. Us or them, them or us, me against you, you against everyone. Everything lay in the open. Everything was there for the taking. Nothing was owned, there were no owners. We were free, finally, for better or for worse.

The world was what it was. Then the real battle started. Profits to be made on the once proud nation. No one stays free for very long. Ideas form, humanity takes over. We organize, we destroy, we rebuild, and then we die. No one who started this lived with their choices. No one who began this was there to live the consequences of their actions. We could start again, but to what end?

To what end do we take what we have and destroy it back to nothing? To bleed is to live and to live is to die. We all want whats best for me, but never what is best for us. The cycle repeats only to follow the same pattern. The pattern is endless. Burned and scarred into our history, into the very fabric of our souls. We fight the very thing we already know.

16 thoughts on “Things Could Not Possibly Be Any Better”

    1. With each generation we start over on the cycle… the meaning changes, but the words stay the same…

      What was a miracle of innovation for the last generation is the end of times for the next… My friend Mou Mishra and I were talking about AI… When it comes we will all be excited… but what does that mean for our children or the next generation?… Humanity will basically have to start over… Only with very little input from us this time around…

      “It’d be awful for most, but really good for some,” Issac Brock, Parting of the Sensory


      1. Every generation has its issues and makes mistakes. Billy Joel taught us that.

        But with each generation, each catastrophic development, every bad election… *Sighs* Something can be carried on to the next generation that is positive. Even if it’s as small as a grain of sand. The grains will eventually be the size of a beach.

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      2. Two things… Very true… and I now have We Didn’t Start the Fire stuck in my head… Damn you… haha

        There will be a breaking point… History has shown us that… will it be one shitty election after another… or… a global melt down… who knows… but peace and prosperity doesn’t last forever… We would never allow it… despite it being all that we want…

        embrace the dark side Peter… it is your destiny… together we shall rule the galaxy…


  1. Ah man. Dark, so dang dark! (That was a good mythical morning reference right there). It was poetic in a way and things can’t get any worse either.. don’t you think? Even if things get worse… I don’t think it’ll be something we can handle…

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