No Idea If Anyone Cares… But Here It Comes

So last month I talked about the books and films that have inspired me or inspire me as a writer. Those two things are high impact on my overall attempt to bring you something half decent. The most influential form of art though is music. I hint on the during my long-winded post about film and how I see each scene with music or soundtracks or something. I don’t actually pay attention to myself so what I said I have no idea, but I’m sure it is close enough to what I may or may not have said. The point is that music is a huge factor into me doing anything in life. I’m broken maybe? But I can’t do much of anything without music and when I do have to? Well, I lose interest pretty damn quick.

I listen to all kinds of music and if it has a good enough back beat I’ll sit through it with no complaints. Some of my favorite artists are Run the Jewels, Nirvana, Placebo, Jack White, Nine Inch Nails, The Devil Makes Three, Die Antwoord, Misfits, Alkaline Trio, and most of all Modest Mouse. I’ll circle back to Modest Mouse, but if you are into weird fun rap music Die Antwoord is amazing. I fell into Zef pretty damn hard. I love their I don’t give a fuck attitude. This idea that I am into what I am into and you can either join us or move along. Something very freeing about that. I like way more artist then this, but these are the ones that I come back to the most. I’m also a huge fan of Prince, Primus, White Zombie, Slayer, Jay-Z, Queens of the Stone Ages, The Clash, Psyclon Nine, Brown Bird, Tool, AFI, Pixies, and the list goes on. 80’s music is my favorite genre of music. I really think that the best songs were written during this era, but I also think a lot of it has been lost and dated because of the rise of electric instruments. If you take the time to strip away all the flash. The songs written at this time are soul-crushing juggernauts that can stand up to any music from any era. The 80’s was very much a victim of innovation. Okay, I’m done.

Back to what this blog is supposed to be about. Bands or music that influence me to write. The top two artists that come to mind are Alkaline Trio and Modest Mouse. The rest of the music I listen too I need to function in life but to live I need these two bands. There is something about these two bands that drive me to say anything, to set a mood, or keep on going. Narrowing down the reasons for Alkaline Trio it would have to be the way the music is upbeat pop-punk with some of the most depressing lyrics around. The duality of it all drives me to keep on going. No matter how bad things are we have to keep on going. My favorite track from them is “Steamer Trunk.” I also enjoy “Crawl,” “Nose Over Tail,” and “5-3-10-4.” That’s the short list of all my favorites.

Okay, so Modest Mouse. Issac Brock, the lead singer, and songwriter is my favorite writer. I could go on all day about Charles Bukowski, Langston Hughes, John Steinbeck, Chuck Palahniuk, Bret Easton Ellis, John Fante, Ira Levin, or Sylvia Plath, but in the end, Brock is my favorite. But how could a songwriter beat out all of those great writers? The simple reason is that I put on a Modest Mouse song like “Lives,” “Dark Center of the Universe,” or “Bukowski,” and I’m whole again. There is something about his words that bring me into a state of calm. A state of clarity that only Bukowski has ever come close too.

Brock’s lyrics are often complex and in the simplest form. Well as simple as he can get them. The thoughts and emotions he is able to dig out of me are beyond anything I have read or written or heard. His lyrics and words allow me to see the world in a different way. Good or bad I welcome that different perspective even if in most cases he and I think very similarly. I think because we do think similarly that Modest Mouse is a reassurance of yes keep going. Say what you want to say motivation. That I want and crave from the outside world.

Perspective though is what I love about reading in general. It is why I love reading all of your blog post from all over the world. I look forward to them every day. Perspective can have a profound effect on us as people. Something I think we should all strive for. I know we can’t all agree on the same things or want them either, but at the very least we need to understand them. I accept this every day. I’m grateful for it as well. Who wants to live in a world where we learn nothing at all?

This long ass post was inspired by a lot of things, but the most direct inspirations were Ward Clever and Mel Gutier. So if you are looking for some different music or great writing I suggest you check them out.


96 thoughts on “No Idea If Anyone Cares… But Here It Comes”

  1. I like your taste of music. I’ve been following Mel and Clever for a while. They post a lot on music, don’t they? It’s interesting to see other people’s taste in music and their opinions about some form of music.
    Nirvana is my favourite on your list
    I don’t really have a favourite genre
    Any music that is interesting wakes me up from the deep slumber I am in.
    Umm.. I do like simple music but music that has got many layers is what I am mostly interested in.
    Things that aren’t supposed to work according to music theory but in the end they do work… Stuff like that is legit. Two notes are supposed to sound drab when played together, but they work out to be very beautiful. Music theory can’t explain it. Music can.
    Radiohead is the band I know that makes music that is very strange and… Convoluted. Most of their songs revolve around how dead the world has become, humans have become like computers and emotionless. They try to express these thoughts by making computerised beats and electronic music. Ironic, but effective.

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    1. Yes they do post a lot of music… They are into some weird stuff (Ward), but I also found some weird stuff I am into now… haha… It is pretty interesting to see and hear what other people enjoy… even more so to know why… I don’t really enjoy genres or labels… but I also can’t say they aren’t necessary…

      I like a few Radiohead songs… Sadly I never got that into them though… Before you never come back… Let me give my reason… Creep for example… Love the music… Not a fan of the singing style… Paranoid Android.. love the singing style… not a fan of the music… Too many hits and misses for me… Karma Police though… that’s a great song… What other bands do you like?…

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  2. No Radiohead? Gasp!
    I like Gazette, Miyavi, Kagrra, Washed Out, Death From Above 1979, Deftones, Zomboy, Virtual Riot, Tool, Bebel Gilberto, ATB, BT, Klaypex, Madeon, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Depeche Mode, Cure, Smiths, Radiohead, and so on, plus everything I’ve posted. Plus more

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      1. You haven’t pointed me in the wrong direction yet so… I will have to check them out… By the way how far North is Albuquerque from Fargo again?… you said it was only a couple of miles, but I have been walking for weeks… No penguins at the North Pole either… Lots of bears though… Lots of bears…

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      2. I got my directions from Bugs Bunny, so I know they’re genuine and valid!

        But you’ve reminded me of a song…. This is for you!

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      3. What song would you want? Also, I’m not sure. I still use the old school dashboard from 6 years ago. I don’t like the new one, lol.

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  3. Thanks for the name checks once again! I like “They are into some weird stuff (Ward)” hahahaha
    But I’ll add Steam Powered Giraffe, Dr. Steel, Professor Elemental, Tuatha Dea, Bjork, Elliot Moss, Lorde, Kimbra…

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  4. Seriously buddy… when I started reading this and got deeper into why and how music affect you. It really touched me because I am the same way. I think Clever is also and that is why we became fast friends and can connect so seamlessly with each other.

    I’m really honored to have you in my circle of friends. I am a big fan and feel a connection with your writing and your obvious good taste in music! I absolutely love this post… I really like your perspective even before you mentioned CLEVER and me, this is a very touching chew and tribute!

    You are definitely on the cool list and I know on the awesome writer’s list. So excited for the future! It might be cold where you’re headed… but I’m certain it is bright as hell! You’re a star already!!!!😉

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    1. I do declare… Thanks, Mel.. you are too kind… And you are right… every time we all talk about music I get all giddy… We have a lot of musical tastes in common… I am very honored to be in the circle… It is nice to finally be in the cool club after all these years… : )

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      1. I’ve never heard this before. But then, throughout the years I have somehow missed many hit songs and popular songs. It’s a weird fact about me. It’s usually a song everyone else has heard a million times, but I’ve somehow never heard, or don’t hear until years later. For example, Talk Dirty To Me by Poison I didn’t hear until about three years after it came out. I heard The Thong Song for the first time two days ago!

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      2. Still better than me… haha… the other day… I got home… settled down to see what everyone else was up to… saw I had some comments… thirty eight comments later… all I got to add was, “Thank you…”


      3. haha… I had never heard this song before… it is very special… I am the same way though… Radioactive… got into that way too late… also Sail by Awolnation… the list goes on… however I was all over the Thong song when it came out… back when MTV was actually cool… and I was thirteen…


      4. They even had a channel called MTVX… it played the same 8 hour block of videos in one day… each day different videos… if that makes sense… but I would watch it for hours and hours… just hoping to see a video I hadn’t seen yet or heard in a while… now these kids have YouTube and Spotify… Shakes cane… that’s now how life works… Remember holding the CD player as steady as you could so it wouldn’t skip?…


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