And Other Things From This Time Preview

Not the Answer

Sex is an ugly thing
Do what you have to do
Then it’s all over
I write because I have to
Then it’s all over
I’d stay and talk
But I have to write
This all over
A process with meaning
Still no answers
Atheism is a question
Is there a God?
Or am I only alone
Sold a million books
Reprised the question
Why am I doing this?
If it’s not worth the effort
You think you know
And so do I
But I’m a liar
Do what I have to do
To get between your thighs
I am an animal
But then why do I feel so bad
Did what I had to do
This is no lie
This is no question
I am what I am
Is not the answer

Mountain of Questions

The white picket fences have been torn down
From the post to the ground
It all lays flat all around
The existence of dreams proves
There is something more to you and me
The clothes have all but come off
From our heads to our toes
They lay flat on the floor
The fact that we aren’t disgusted yet proves
There is something more to you and me
The marriage is all but gone
Divorce tore everything
Right the fuck out of the ground
The anger between us proves
There is so much more to you and me

They say fire lead to life
The what did love bring to the picture
Some could guess but the true answer is death
We pretend it’s funny because it is
You know it’s sad
But it’s true
If you hold your breath then maybe
That dizzy, sickness feeling won’t go away
Walk it off, the pain subsides after a while
If you know anything about bottles
You’ll know they don’t leave any answers
Only a mountain of questions

Two more poems from my first poetry collection… And Other Things From This Time… This weeks theme is sex/love… No reason… There is no reasoning with this madness if you haven’t figured that out yet… six months into this… Still no idea what I’m doing… Scratching at the walls?… 


6 thoughts on “And Other Things From This Time Preview”

    1. Analogy for life?… Well the answers aren’t at the bottom of a bottle… but I will forge ahead for you and everyone… a long experiment with ill results… the definition is defining… to how I will always feel… insanity…

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  1. I have a mountain of questions too. nobody is everything willing to answer them and so the mountain grows and I’m slowly getting buried under the falling rubble. Answer my fucking questions world, fucks sake!
    Uuughhh….not a good day.
    Thanks for the beautifully poignant and resonant poetry L.


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