Stuck In Between

I can feel it all dissipate. The everlasting gaze, the everlasting days. I watch it all disappear into the air. One more mile and I’ll be there. One more thought and I’ll be fine. One more minute and I could die. What I am thinking of is neither a thought or an action. It is merely nothing at all.

Each day takes its toll, it changes, and moves me right along like the last and the one before it. Time is nothing more than a gauge  for where we have been. Broken down space that is constantly moving.  A path without an end. A journey that is endless until it’s not. Even then still in constant motion. The world so small yet it doesn’t seem that way at all. Lately nothing is what it seems.

I’m tired and I’m not. Wide awake and dying for sleep. An hour here and an hour there. Everything ticking away at what little consciousness I have left. Tomorrow will be here with or without me. Even though I’m stuck somewhere in between. Stuck like a ghost between living and dying. Death and life. Who am I if I am no one at all?

28 thoughts on “Stuck In Between”

  1. … ellipsis is always a good way to evaluate your in between. Take that Blue Jay I saw while I ate my PBJ toast… it paused in HIS in between… ellipsis breaths tweaking his life therein… then it flew away… inspired by his pause…

    Hey… me too. I stopped in my in between… rescued by that Blue angel… if at least for a moment, it renewed chaos in my mundanity.

    I’m not stuck. I live in the in between. I think we all do. It is movement… momentum… a pondering of existence that is fluid… alive. Everything else… a result of that. 😉

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  2. How is it possible for your words to be so melancholy and yet so beautiful, Layne Bear. I hope the feels that lead to this post were fleeting. I hope you get the rest you need. I hope you continue to use and push those feels into your art. xxx

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