You Are Cordially Invited to the Holy Union of Bailey Bigsby and Archie Spellman

A man dressed in a once crisp tuxedo is now covered in cake and blood. His rental is far from returnable which only adds to his horrible experience tonight. He stands next to a police detective that is taken down his every word about what happened this evening.  He tells the detective about how beautiful the ceremony had been. He tells him about how much fun they were having. He tells him all about how quickly it was all came to an end. Two police cars over an older lady dressed in her Sunday’s best is saying the same thing. On the other side of the parking lot, a group of friends replay the same story over and over. Some of the people are in tears and some of them are so shocked that they have resorted to the not saying a single word.

The family of the deceased is nowhere to be found hidden away from the other guests. They are the only suspects the police even have and they have nothing to do with the events today, but if the police dug lightly at the surface they would surely find plenty of motive. The police would only have to ask the father of Archie Spellman to find what it is they are looking for. Mr. Spellman wanted nothing to do with this event, to begin with, even before it became a murder scene, which is really sad because the grandkids would have truly been beautiful. But no worries for Mr. and Mrs. Spellman they have two other sons to replace the one they lost today. The same could be said of about Mr. and Mrs. Bigsby, but they lost their only daughter today not a son. To say the families were at war would be stretching it since neither family was better than middle class. Even though they are the only suspects in a crime with no real suspects they would be better suited to be seen as victims of a horrible mistake.

See their children died for no greater reason than revenge, a revenge that had nothing to do with them. No the silenced bullet that came across the other side of the cove in which they were holding the reception party was never supposed to find its way into Archie’s skull. The bullet in question was meant for an even more important man, a man whose death would have meant something. The same goes for the two shots that enter into Bailey’s neck and chest, spraying blood all over the beautifully arranged flowers and decorative tablecloths the kind with the frilly shit no one really cares about, were never hers to except either. Till death do us apart was a vow they were able to keep even if they only made it less than a few hour ago. It is rather ironic, poetic if you will considering that over half of the guests had bets on whether or not they would even make it a year. No, the bullets and the death, the blood and the pain weren’t meant for them. They were meant for the canceled wedding party. Who was lucky enough to avoid their very own deaths. After a fight, they had earlier in the week led them to cancel their very own holy union. The reception that was supposed to have taken place today was for Alexis Fife and Joseph Ashburn, and who is Joseph Ashburn?

Well, Joseph Ashburn is the only child of Detective Ashburn. The same Detective Ashburn that is currently grilling the families of the deceased when all of this has more to do with him than anyone else. See if he hadn’t tried to extort some money out of the local mafia the hit would have never been called, and none of this would have ever happened.  It is funny how life is made up of nothing but chances. Little opportunities to change everything around us. Even the ones we don’t know.  Had the couple not chosen to fill the empty spot left behind by Fife and Ashburn they could be enjoying their new life rather than the inside of a body bag. Life is funny.

25 thoughts on “You Are Cordially Invited to the Holy Union of Bailey Bigsby and Archie Spellman”

  1. Oh, to be in the right place at the right time, uncannily.
    Gruesome and awesome and somesome, Layne! somesome means whatever you want it to mean, as long as it’s positive and great and grand. 🙂

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  2. So true… life is strange. And intricate. And full of serendipitous moments that have lead us to the place we are right now… small things that do not seem that important at the time can have huge life changing effects in the future… every day is important. Every action is a puzzle piece. Very well written, Layney Bear xxx

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    1. Thank you… I’m sorry I don’t have the time to do a full on post about it… I feel guilty… I’m trying to find a way to thank you and a few others… you are all awesome… Thank you so much for reading and for the nomination…

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