And Other Things From This Time Preview

Staying Down

My mind is going a mile a minute
A minute a mile and I have to remember
This is only a symptom
Of something that I have created
I wish I could forget or maybe remember
Not everything has to have a reason
Heavy-handed and light-headed
I miss the days where none of this mattered
Picking my words wisely, won’t know
Which ones will be my last
Though I kind of figured
The way things are, the way they are going
It might be sooner than expected

Thoughts in My Head

When the world ends
There won’t be anything left to say we were here
But I’m sure somehow, some way
I’ll be staring at your face for all eternity
Your demon-like eyes and your poisonous thighs
Will all, but warm me by the fire
So cold I will still be, that none of this
Will ever seem like it truly exists
Trapped in a wake
Trapped in an illusion
It doesn’t need a name but
Most people call it hell
I can feel your newly developed spines
Piercing the skin, digging deeper
Your cold dead fingers latch onto my soul
I know now that you will never let go
I told myself it was okay at first
But now I wish I could cut and run
Trapped in my mind
Trapped in my head
Most people call it a nightmare
I’m left calling it home


6 thoughts on “And Other Things From This Time Preview”

  1. “Trapped in my mind
    Trapped in my head
    Most people call it a nightmare
    I’m left calling it home”

    Wow. I need to find new words to express how yours make me feel. You must be tired of my gushing all over you.

    This was so…full of emotion,a little dark and sexy but subtle and whispery.

    You, know I was going to ask you to read a post of mine because I love it and wanted to know what you thought but then I realised you had already liked it. It’s the one called Time Travel, a Drink and some Harmonies. Don’t know why I’m telling you this now!

    You read Frozen Heat?! I wanted to kind of hide because it’s like the 3rd of the steamy posts which creep up on me…

    I’m babbling.

    Giving you some warm hugs

    Liked by 1 person

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