A Notice of Change…

It has been one crazy six months… I have been having a blast writing every month, every week, and every day for those of you have stuck with me… I will be taking the month of February off… To work on my book and to think of more exciting stories to tell you in the coming year… What that means is that I won’t be posting any new stories or blog pieces… I will be posting some of the most liked stories for the last six months, new Broken Thoughts, and Poetry though… 

This is only temporary so I can get ahead of the curve… I will still be visiting blogs, answering comments, and be around in general… So that is why I am calling it a change rather than a break… I will be back to my regular schedule for March…

Thank you so much for following, reading, commenting, and being here with me this past six months… I appreciate each and every one of you… each and every day…

Layne Ambrose


One more thing before I go

How Ugly It Truly Is….

“Working is how life passes you by. Time itself passes you by. Relationships pass you by. It is only so long until everything passes you by and you are left with nothing or no one. There are so many aspects to this country and money seems to be the biggest one. We all have to make money no matter the culture. But what do we become when we make money our culture? We make the money match the time? Money can always be earned, but the time? Days spent unconscious as life passed by. So I can pay the bills on time, afford the drinks to keep me going, so me and mine can live the life we want to live. Which looking back was never the life we wanted to live. It wasn’t the life we dreamed about for ourselves or you. It wasn’t much of a life at all. In my opinion, life is nothing more than this ever passing time. Since as long as long as I could remember life has just been going on. Whether I was part of it or not. Whether I did the right thing or not. The amount of control and freedom you think you have is how little of both you actually have. Nothing is free. We all pay a price. Whether it is our bodies or the very soul we think we have. Listen to me rambling like the old man I have become. You didn’t come to visit me to hear the ramblings of an old man. You came here to make peace with yourself. Get right with God or whatever you kids call it these days. I’ll admit I like these visits except for your need to want to escape.”

He looks up from his phone, “Dad that’s not how it is.” He goes back to his phone. “Bullshit, you don’t think I’ve been you? Nothing you’ve done or said is anything I haven’t already done, said, or thought. The subject has changed but the words will always stay the same. Humanity is in an endless cycle. No two ways about it. The meaning of life isn’t to live it is to keep going,” I huff. “Have you been taking you Meds?” He asks the phone. “Of course I have been taking my medication. They don’t shut my brain down. If anything they amplify my mind in this useless shell of what I once was. Keep death from knocking on my door. If anything I should stop taking them. Haven’t you been listening?” Have you ever listened? My life has been wasted on this pursuit of nothingness.” I look down upon my wheelchair. Look at my broken useless body. “Here I sit telling you the same thing I was told by my father then and he was told before as well in what could be called the cycle of life. Since the dawn of time and maybe even before then. Hell for all I know the god damn animals are telling each other the same thing,” my voice raises. “Calm down. What’s the point of this speech Dad?”

“The point, the point is to not waste time. To not look back and regret the time wasted on needless things. If you are going to do something, anything, do it because you want to. Don’t do it because you are told too.” He looks up from his phone once again, “That’s not how the world works.” He stands up and pats me on the shoulder. “I’ll see you again in a couple of weeks. Let me know if you need anything.” He hugs me as he leaves.  It bothers me to know that he does it because he is expected to. Not because he could give a damn, but it is my fault in the end. Never was there always had something. Time is a beautiful thing until you realize just how ugly it truly is.

45 thoughts on “A Notice of Change…”

    1. Thank you… I just need a little recharge time…

      I’m glad you came back… 6 months is a long time to imagine, but it slips by in an instant… happened to me once… was to busy telling myself I was a writer… next thing I know I hadn’t written anything in almost a year… shaking that rust off was hard for me… You seemed to come back swinging though with all your great posts… : )

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      1. Yes it’s easy with a blogging – time slips thru posts/comments, follows etc. Sometimes we have to choose: a book or blogging 🙂 wish u luck and get back when u’ll feel its time again :))

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  1. Layne!!! My birthday is February! It’d be nice if I got to read something you’ve written on my birthday.
    It’s okay tho… I hope your new book turns out the way you want it to be. I’ll buy it when I can and I might buy one of your books for my b’day! Anyways.. it’s just a possibility.. I really want to read though…

    I don’t make good use of my time at all… I need to get more organized and stuff…. It’s probably just inevitable to die with regrets…
    But, one of the few things I learned while playing a videogame (finding paradise in this case) is that no matter what choice you make or where you end up, you have to try to make the most of it.
    Anyhoo I liked this one
    And I’ll be waiting to read more!

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    1. What day in February?… I will still be posting some small stuff… I just won’t be able to be on every day… and I have a few surprises through out the month… well I hope they come as a surprise, but I think I just ruined them… haha…

      I’m really into Rogue-like games for that very reason… You either live or die… Though I wish life was a little more like the video games… Might take more chances that aren’t exactly safe… but then I’ve never played a video game for a life time… so maybe I don’t wish that at all… Checking out Finding Paradise now…. haha… going to need another month off…

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      1. Noted… see what I can do in six days… : )

        Poor Soren… I hope you make fun of her about that all the time… haha… I was never born… I am simply an idea… that floats in the wind… always with you, but never there…

        Liked by 4 people

      2. I do make fun of her 😂
        But she’s a huge fan of him so… I try to not make her feel bad at the same time.
        Are you batman?
        Just kidding
        I always wonder how it would be to meet y’all in real life.
        You, Mel, Ward and Amberley. it’d be nice.

        Liked by 4 people

      3. It would be very cool… I want to meet every one as well… though knowing myself and projecting my personality onto them… there wouldn’t be enough corners in a room for all of us to hide in… and a round room?… it better be padded… haha…

        Maybe one day… I have always wanted to go to India… I want to go all over… try all the food… see all the sights… won’t rule it out because you never know… but I know it will be a while before I can make it over there… So maybe one day you can show me around…

        I liked Soren so much… but now that I know she is a Bieber fan… I don’t know anymore… JK… she can like Bieber… she is still pretty cool…

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  2. Just when I felt safe and secure, and you up and leave me. Thanks! I’ll just have to do something, I guess, about it.
    I’m not really mad. I’m just pretending to be mad in an endearing way that, despite me revealing my tricks, will still make you smile. Because that’s how I roll, or rather, how I work. I don’t roll. Who am I, Violet Beauregard?
    I’ll be seeing you. It’s a short month, I guess. 😉

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    1. I’ll still be around Violet… just no long rants every day… just small little ones… I can’t seem to get all of the glass out of my mouth… I’ll still be visiting everyone as well… I have no idea what I would do or how I lived before Word Press… Quit reading all the awesome blogs out there cold turkey?… I’m crazy, but I’m not insane… well… you get the point… : )

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