Broken Thoughts (Vulgar)

What is evolution if not a theory
An unbroken chain of stupidity
Weak ruling the strong
Telling them what’s right and how they’re wrong
My boss is an asshole yet I smile and nod
Who’s the dumb one after all?

Disconnecting the Infection

The parking lot crowd is hopeless and useless
Their constant sarcasm has turned into complaints
An overabundance of alcohol left them impotent and lame
Funny how things turned out this way
No sense of belonging has left them with fear
The purpose wasted on ideas of next year
Information too fast their brains too slow
Hard to join a cause they don’t understand
Consuming at an abundant rate
Ingesting their very fate
A cancer on the soul,  A cancer on the society as a whole
Waving their judgmental assholes in the air as they go
You don’t fucking own what you do not control
Control such a passive idea, brainwashing, dipped in bleach
Could I ever been clean enough for you
A god is a thing, God be damned to follow the same rules
Cast aside your broken needs for only a second
Fuck it, forgot who I was talking to all along
A silent crowd with everything to say
Broken down reality consumes us all
A fiery embrace made of hate and truth
Not the same, often treated as such
I’d trade every one of you for a machine
Never said I wasn’t the monster
A part of the problem
Locked away in the vast openness
A sour thought to think any of this will mean anything
A fucking wall and my head
Solving the problems of the world for you

My thoughts bleed from open wounds
Cracked open holes stripped of innocence
Days gone, disappear with the time I’ve lost
Gave more than I regret to admit
At the time I thought it was worth it
Uneducated by educated ideas of unrealistic expectations
The world could have been made in a day
Lie flat with half a sphere for a top
The point is it doesn’t matter
The lies don’t have to make sense
They only have to work
Stupidity doesn’t care much for truth
The similes are similar in truth
Doesn’t matter shut the fuck up
Going home has never been as easy as before

Who knew I could be so ugly after all

23 thoughts on “Broken Thoughts (Vulgar)”

    1. Thank you… : ) … I’m glad that it connected with you… well glad that you enjoyed it… I’d prefer that no one have to feel like or relate to this… good with the bad… I suppose… Pain and frustration are important to understanding why the good times are so good… other wise they are only times…

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  1. You’re killing me! It’s not that bad is it? (he said, knowing the truth)
    The trick is to compartmentalize your life, your thoughts, your feelings. Not from you – never from you – but from each other. This is my work persona, which is “um, fuck you, fuck this, fuck it all” and this is that feeling the instant you get off work, euphoria and bliss, like you earned the right to fly today.
    “The” trick, as though there is just one trick. Everyone has their tricks. Collect them all!

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    1. I’m almost up to enough tricks for a whole self help book(working title… “It Hurts… All Over”…), but I’ve noticed a trend in most of the tricks… you have to follow them… I’m such a stubborn ass… haha… I’m all over the “fuck it all” technique… also one if not the only reasons I am afraid to fly now… I’ve been told you can’t think like that… But I think like that… and I’m human… they’re human… makes you grateful for every landing…. : )

      Things aren’t as bad as they were before… everyone has good days and bad days…

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  2. I love your posts, Layney Bear.
    “Stupidity doesn’t care much for truth” and “A silent crowd with everything to say” … these are my fav lines of this piece. You are so raw here and I just love it. Mother fucking rant, bitches! Kisses!

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    1. I have… I even bought a microphone… but I sound horrible… haha… I’m trying to figure it out… I have some cool ideas for a your tube channel/ story… so maybe some day soon… : )


  3. Well…. it would have been nice of you to ASK first or at least buy me drink,give me a toke or SOMETHING before you sliced my entire being open and glared at my bare soul in it’s bleeding, crying, pulsating nakedness.
    Or perhaps you could have whispered ‘please’ before you slipped , slowly into my head and massaged all the right parts with your words.

    Honestly. Manners.


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