Something Different

Together Until the End

The thoughts like suicide loses meaning
If done more than twice
Never look back, Keep plowing ahead
None of this will matter when we are all dead
Nuclear holocaust, burning until there is no resolve
Whoever said the cold war had ended is dead now
I’m telling you to have something to say
Not that anyone would listen anyway
Who am I, amongst the masses
Who am I, amongst the depressed fascists
There can be no voice of a generation
If everyone is shouting at the same time
How is it that the dumbest rise above us
How is it that we could be so blind
Falling for the same tricks time after time
Maybe in the end, there is no intelligent life after all
Maybe we deserve each other, deserve the graves we’ve dug
At least in this, we will finally be one
Rotting and bleeding, once and for all

Unleashed Thoughts

Sweating bullets made of glass
Shattering on the ground
Pick up the pennies that have become
Worth barely more than worthless
Time is money, couldn’t trade time for money
Getting paid seems like an afterthought
To living at all
Breaking down the seconds into monetary value
Turning all the lies into regret
What has this become over time
A suspicion, a waste of energy
Give anything to take it back
But not what it takes to push ahead
Self-doubt is all there ever was
Broken mind and lost ideas of nothing
Spinning tales just to get by
Begging for more than there is to offer
Living in the present to only drown in the past


21 thoughts on “Something Different”

  1. OMG… this resonates with me so much right now. How you do it to reach deep and still be you with your soft heart!! You’re amazing!

    I like this “something different”. I have a lot to catch up to here. I look forward to coming back and visiting some more.

    Besides drowning in the past… I hope you are well and the past is but a guide towards a step forward… to futures.


    Liked by 2 people

  2. L, that last line was just a spoon of honey being poured over my thoughts.

    Also this line, ” Sweating bullets made of glass…”
    Not going to lie…a while poem formed in my head even before I finished reading the line.

    You are so tapped in to my thoughts, I LOVE it.

    Did I already tell you these Something Different posts are like brain food?
    They’re like brain food.

    And your heart and compassion blind through the cracks.

    So, yep. Liked it. Lol.


    Liked by 1 person

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