Digging Deeper


As many of you know I took the last month off for a break… a month later and I’m wishing that I hadn’t… haha… I was able to finish the rough draft of my book… and then everything went to shit after that… I got super lazy… not in a good way… mostly I did nothing… worked on some new stuff here and there… dove headfirst back into No Man’s Sky… overall though I lost my drive… which was very odd for me… normally I like to write and write until there is no end… I felt on this last break very drained, however… took a much longer time to compose this month’s content… I think I have been trying too hard… or at least that is what I’m being told… what I am feeling…

This month I am going back to the original format… back to normal… as I try to switch my brain back into gear… I also have some new things going on… Fuck the Lemonade and I have been working on a project that will come out later this month… pretty excited about that… it will be a project based on our love of music… our thoughts… I will also be changing Tuesdays from just regular Chewing on Glass blog post to Post Scripts of the Unimaginative… which is nothing more than before the blog… before Chewing on Glass was an idea type of posts… really just a slight change to the normal format… Another project should be debuting called Five Words I Like and One That I Hate… I’ve been working on this project in my head for months… so look out for that… I’m also working to get more shirts up in the shop… should be an exciting month…

I want to take the time to thank everyone for their amazing comments throughout the month and for taking the time to read my Broken Thoughts… I’d also like to apologize for all the late responses as I try to kick my ass into gear…  they didn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated… I will get back to each and every one of them…

Special announcement… Happy Birthday, Soren… I hope you have an amazing day… and get everything you want… you are an amazing person and deserve it… even if you are a Biebliever… you are still pretty cool in my book…

If you don’t know who Soren is she is one half of an amazing team of Soren and Fox… collectively know as Low On Juice… A great group of friends who write an amazing blog and go to school full time… very impressed and you should check them out…

Looking forward to another great six months and thank you all again for being here with me…


31 thoughts on “Digging Deeper”

  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery from your break ❤️ I recently just skipped two weeks worth of posts and felt guilty about it the whole time even though I felt like I had nothing to write. This morning I finally got back in gear after work, thank goodness.

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  2. Alright well, my first comment isn’t wanting to show up I guess? Wishing you a speedy recovery from your break! I just missed two weeks of posts and felt super guilty about it, but I just got back into the swing of things this morning.

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    1. If it is your first time commenting… I have to approve you… the power is mine….. actually I have no idea how to turn that off… haha…

      Thank you… for the well wishes… good luck firing up the engine once again… hardest part is getting it to start… after that… well it is still hard… but we will get it done…

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      1. In the beginning it can be depressing… but you got to keep going… took me a good week before I had more than just Peter(Little Fears) visiting me… if it wasn’t for him… I would have quit… so I remember that doubt… six months later and now I feel guilty I can’t get back to everyone in a timely manner… a big thing is tags… tags are very important… and to have fun… good luck and keep posting..

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  3. I love how you call yourself ‘lazy’ and then in the next paragraph talk about all the things you have coming up and have been working on!
    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”
    Congrats on finishing your rough draft… that’s the hard part, I think.

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    1. Oh… I’m lazy… you should see my to do list… that was only the top few things… haha… the rough draft is pretty hard… I’m still behind, but it was a nice feeling to get that weight off my shoulders… one story I have been working on for two years… so to be done… well almost done with that… clears up a lot of space in my mind… time to fill it back up…

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      1. I like an empty mind for a while.. just a while… that bliss of not having any thoughts is such a rush… Except I’ve had the same list of things to complete for nearly 7 years, with things added along the way

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    1. don’t… this book as taken me a lot longer than a month… one story took two years to get to draft… and that is only the first draft… I was planning on having the book out by summer, but I’m thinking I will be lucky if I get it out by the end of the year… haha… life will do that though…


      1. whatever, you are in school… I haven’t had a test on anything in years… haha… that’s a lot of work… I don’t even remember the last test I had… last week someone at work asked me how my vacation was and I froze up as if they asked me the square root of a number… it was kind of sad… okay it was sad… haha..

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  4. This whole post made me happy!! Yay!!!

    I am sooo excited about your collaboration with LemonySugar! (*jumps up and down… does happy dance*)

    I agree with CLEVER!!! You’re amazing! A whole first draft done? OMG!!! Congrats on that. In the mean time I’ve got so many stories just hanging loose. Lol!

    I’m so glad to hear of your progress and you sound… happy! 😝

    I look forward to visiting with you more often.


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  5. Glad to see this site back. I enjoy “Lemonade” and posts by students, in general. The rising generations are about honesty and getting things back on track, which are bound to be resisted by those over 45- same old slime mold.

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