Broken Thoughts

The chambers of the heart
Keep pumping blood
Even if there is no will to go on
Patience but for what
A long waiting game for nothing at all
I carved one out
Only to give one up
Nothing feels natural anymore
A made up act
I call love
Doesn’t matter anymore where it comes from
If only my thoughts could match my actions


The image it haunts me. An image from my past but how could it exist in the present unless time is bleeding into itself once again. I thought I escaped this. I thought I fixed but it seems I have only distorted the truth. Turned a blind eye to the facts. I pick up the walking stick from my past and realize it is in fact real. Am I losing my mind? How can I erase something that has already been erased? Stuck between times there is no outlet for my crimes. No sense of right and wrong anymore. What else if any is out of place in this timeline? I search the horizon. Need more time to know for sure? I take the walking stick from the past and trek on into the unknown.


Sat around today
Doesn’t mean anything
Thought I would share
My inner thoughts
Going through hell
Marching past the gates
Lakes of fire burning bodies made of shit
They are heard but with no real thought
Doesn’t rhyme at the end I don’t care
The Jesus freaks sing their hymns to me
As though it might help
The blood cascades down the wall
You know you are home
When everything is comfortable
Bones line the edges of the room
You know you are home
When everything is fine
Skin drapes the furniture
You know you are home
When everything is normal


If someone gave me a million dollars. Anyone at this point the reason doesn’t have to make sense. If anyone gave me a million dollars. I’d watch it burn. Dollar by dollar. One bill at a time. That’s how I feel right now. I don’t know how to make it go away. It all seems so useless to struggle for. Who are we when the money is all gone? Who are we when we have more than we will ever need? Who are we at all? If not for our needs.

The theme for this week is greed… truly broken thoughts… always wanting more… more of something… more food… more money.. more sex… more pain… greed doesn’t go away with more… too much of a good thing is never enough…  considered one of the seven deadly sins… Greed is hard to escape on a day to day basis… who doesn’t want more?… what defines more?… at what point should we cut ourselves off from more?… I know I could always use more… more sleep usually… more of anything at this point… turns out I am human after all… was holding out for different… but I’ll settle for human… 

12 thoughts on “Broken Thoughts”

  1. More sleep! I’d take more sleep. Greed is hard to escape… So is sadness so is almost everything…so are your posts! They’re always in my mind, roaming… What you write enters my brain and takes me on a “brain tour”…. it seems like your writing knows how my brain works better than me…

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  2. Brains… money…. which one do we need most? We can get money with brains, we can hire brains with money…. I don’t know. it’s all a mystery, and the Mystery Machine isn’t available.. Zoiks!

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      1. Why are Shaggy and Scooby always afraid of monsters and ghosts? Those things are ALWAYS revealed to be some old man in a mask or something.

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      2. Baked… no regular person eats that much… Shaggy eats more than an athlete doing the tour de France… if they remade that show… there would be a hydroponics operation and a frig in the back of that van… baked….

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      3. It’s really about the perpetual search for kisses. Think about it… Scooby Dooby Doo sounds a lot like ‘zou bisou bisou’.

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      4. I like brownies too… really any baked goods… working my way to beached whale… or stranded inland whale… if I move to a lake am I a Lake whale or some kind of new monster?… see… I don’t even need it… already on the level…


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