And Other Things From This Time Preview

Before They Hurt

Everything feels isolating
On a grander scale
Between one and a hundred
Between heaven and hell
There exists a place no one knows
From bad to worse
Things become uglier
Before they hurt

Everything feels indifferent
On a daily scale
Between Mondays and Sundays
Between this week and last
There’s not much in between
From day to day
Things never change
Before they hurt

Time ticks by becoming
Worse, becoming better
What is time but a scale
For depression, for life
What is done can’t be undone
Life on a scale between
Heaven and Hell
Before they hurt they will finally know

Give It Time

The future is laid to rest
As the present prepares to be condemned
The past has but faded
As the present seem to forget
With each passing moment
We march to our own death
With each passing moment
We learn the meaning of regret
The future is but ashes
As the present burns on
The past is but an ignition
To the presents very condition
With each passing moment
We watch as it all goes to shit
With each passing moment
We know not what to forget

Two poems about time from a book title And Other Things From This Time… Would it seem odd for it to not contain any poems about time… Time is a thing I obsess over… Something I search for more of as I watch it tick by… Something I’m always out of… Yet stuck right in it… At work, I’m known for having great time management skills… At home, not so much… For some reason, I can’t seem to translate those skills once I leave automatic doors of death… I get home and it is as if all time just goes away… a constant issue I struggle with… Time is nothing more than a scale for distance… How far can we get before we run out of it?… Where will we be in life when it is all up?…

I’m not alone in this journey through time… but I’d be a fool if I didn’t believe I was… We are all on a constant until we are not… intersecting between each other… running with each other side by side as we go through all this time called life… no one can run your path for you… though they will try… no one can tell you what you see… though they will try… your path and your time has and always will be yours… use it how you see fit… do what needs to be done… but remember not all of our paths are going to the same place…

As always we have things for sell over at Threadless… No one said you can’t look good on your path… though I’m unsure if these designs will help with that… haha… We also have books for sale over at Amazon… Please leave a review… even bad ones help… even if they only leave a smile on my face… this fire burns just fine all on its own but everyone could use more fuel… burning down the world is never as easy as it seems… 



6 thoughts on “And Other Things From This Time Preview”

  1. Time… at work, bad things will happen if you don’t manage it. At home… it’s more that good things won’t happen if you don’t manage it. Thus, binge watching shows, or whatever timewaster we engage in, and then we hate ourselves the next day.

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  2. I have too much time, it just sits in the fridge and spoils while I gripe about not having gone out any particular day to do this or that. When there’s no reason to manage time it becomes kind of meaningless. 😦

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    1. I flip-flop on it every day… some days I am all about structure… everything has to be done by this time at this time… the next day I’m all about sitting around playing No Man’s Sky for hours… problem is that when I play video games… after it is all said and done… I feel guilty for not using my time wisely… today I agree… time management is meaningless… it all ends the same… whether we try or not…


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