Need Your Help…Special Weekend Post

Chewing on Glass needs your help… I need a soul transplant… anyone willing to trade should know that the dark cloud doesn’t roll on through over here… just kidding… I do need your help though… each and every one of you… 

I need your help with tags… I know Soren and Fox… found my blog because of the tag Dark… I’m not looking to spam a certain tag… or take over a random one that has nothing to do with my writing… 

What are some good tags?… What do you look for in a tag?… Are my tags just fine and I’m obsessing over nothing?… How did you discover this blog?… Are tags just a waste of time?…

I feel like I am missing out on finding new readers and things to read because I am focusing too much on one outlet… rather than expanding my horizons… if you have any suggestions on some blogs I should be reading… that would be awesome too… (Very aware that is what Reader is for… but I’d rather check something out from you than an algorithm… as helpful as they may be…) 

If you have the time… I’d love to hear from you in the comments… and thank you for taking the time… 


19 thoughts on “Need Your Help…Special Weekend Post”

  1. I use tags more for comedic reasons with some real ones thrown in… but I don’t actually use them to search for people. I don’t actually search for new people anymore either 🤣🤣
    …maybe I am not the best person to give advice on this…
    Maybe I should be thinking about this too lmfao
    Maybe neither of us should give a shit and we should just keep creating…
    I dunno man… I don’t think I am helpful. Sorry…

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  2. Hi,
    For as much effort as we put into things, most people will give us barely a second thought. It really is the whole ‘not personal’ thing. They’re probably just busy with their own stuff and the speed of life these days. I used to give a whole album a listen; now I sometimes can’t be bothered and I will skip the rest of a track if it doesn’t grab me. Its not a diss on the artist. My attention span has been limited by technology and I’m always looking for the next dopamine hit. In the words of Elizabeth Wurtzel, “More, Now, Again.”
    So, when people are checking out blogs, I’ve been informed that they look at the ‘About Me’ bit most (which is why I’ve reluctantly just added one to mine) and then they want to find similar posts to the one they’ve just read. A ‘tag cloud’ at the side of the screen is perfect for this because, over time, the most used tags will get bigger, thus giving the reader a clear idea of what someone writes about.

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    1. “More, Now, Again.” This is perfect for describing our society.

      And it is true. If I ever look at anyone new I go straight to the about me page and if something there doesn’t grab me, I’m outta there…
      Very insightful…

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    2. Never thought about that… I might need to make my “About Me” a little more fluent… I just realized I do the same thing… read a few post… check out the about me page… click follow… odd the things we do without thinking about it…

      I’ve been trying to listen to whole albums again… but it is hard…and honestly I don’t feel like artist really care if we do anymore… their debut album maybe… I feel as though they are just trying to get things out as quickly as they can… a hit song or two?… perfect… but there isn’t albums like Nevermind or Dark Side of the Moon… anymore… and you are right… there doesn’t really need to be…

      Thank you for the suggestions… : )

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  3. Layne… you could read my stuff every so often. Get some ideas! 😉 LOL. Remember that post about how you met your wife. In the comments you wrote something really amazing. I really think you should pepper in some love stories, romance. Make them your own. You have such a beautiful heart. It will just come naturally to you. Use tags like, Romance, Love Story, Passionate darkness, Contemporary Romance, Dark tag and I would just make stuff up. LOL. Also… google for best tags etc.

    You get my gist. I don’t think you should rule out a good love story. You will definitely get a lot more readers and it might make you feel good. It does me. Over all though, I think you are an amazing writer and you’re doing great! I like ya! Lots! You’re just getting started in a way.

    Oh… the places you will go!

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