It’s A Funny Story… Even If It Isn’t…

Trying something new… Imagine that… I haven’t written anything new outside of poetry and the new story I am working on… Sadly that isn’t for the website… Redoing my next book… well kind of… I had this whole theme I was running through the whole book… I didn’t like it… not the story, but the theme… or the idea… shit happens… so I am overhauling a few things… and none of this matters… 

Recently I have decided that I’m really into boardgame boards… it is for an art project that I have locked in my head… so I went to my local Goodwill… and picked up any that I found interesting… one of them happened to be the Match Game… or so I thought… what I actually got was some came from the 70’s called The Ungame… yeah I had never heard of it either… more about the history of the game here… well the point of the game is to start a conversation or get you talking… the concept is just lame enough that I am in love with it… so at least once a week… I will be posting a question from the game… there are a fuck ton of questions… I will give my answer and then it is your turn… yeah… we are going to play a little game… 

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This Week’s Question

What activity do you engage in that involves all of you: your mind, your body, and your soul?

(Softball question I know… It’s the first week…) The most obvious answer for me is writing… I put everything into this… my books… and my projects… so I’m not going to waste your time telling you something you could have guessed…So I am going to have to go with the thing that takes more of me than writing… My daughter… 

Mind… my daughter tests me every day with her three million questions about the same thing… or when she says… “I show you… I show you”… when she wants me to hear her sing… as I am trying to put out a grill fire… life be damned… stop and look at me… or when I have to hear Twinkle Twinkle Litte Star one more damn time… when all I want to do is listen to my favorite song… 

Body… whether she is digging her tiny little feet into me like I don’t exist… or swinging her arms at me like a crazed mad woman when she doesn’t want to leave the park… making me look like a kidnapper or awful person… or screaming into my ear to the point that it rings… because why not… “You’re so funny”… No, I’m so deaf now… 

Soul… because I would give her mine without a second thought… even if it was to add only one more second to hers.. she is one wild crazy ass child… but every moment with her is worth whatever it cost… I don’t think the meaning of life is to create life… but I do believe that she has become my purpose in this world…


Can’t wait to hear your answer to the question… Even if it is writing… what are you working on?… Until it is my turn again… check out my wares at AmazonThreadless… 


14 thoughts on “It’s A Funny Story… Even If It Isn’t…”

  1. I’m in love with this! And I will say my girls. My mind… they baffle me with their brilliance and how I HAVE to be their Google. I have to Google most of their inquiries. 😲

    My body… I am constantly doing stuff for them until it physically makes me numb but they also challenge me to keep me in shape.

    My soul… I would give it up for them, yes. But honestly… they nourish my soul with their unconditional kindness, forgiveness when I’m less than perfect and their tender spirituality, reminding me how fragile our life is.

    This is a great idea and this is a beautiful post. Hugs Layne!! She’s a lucky little girl. 😉

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    1. I’d say we are pretty lucky to have google… can you imagine our poor parents?… haha… I never thought about that until now… and now that I think about it… that could have been why mom was always saying… “Just go play outside”… haha… Being the nerd that I am… I need to learn everything about what my daughter is asking me… even though to her it is a passing moment… and she will ask me a thousand more times before she gets it… Though I have to say knowing everything I know about Batman is finally paying off…

      I have to say your girls are pretty lucky to have you as well… but we are even more fortunate to have them… : )

      Lots of hugs…

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  2. Yes, the questions can challenge every ounce of one’s being, yet I am convinced that they become one’s impetus to maintain cognitive awareness. I loved my son into his own adulthood. He and the future missus may very well provide me with grandchildren, who will rekindle that impetus.

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    1. My mom says that she loves me more than anything on earth… but I’m convinced she loves my daughter even more… haha… so I imagine grandchildren will… I’m a long way from grandchildren… but I look forward to every step to that point…

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  3. Oh my… love, love, love 💗 this brilliant, fun, thought-provoking idea! And yes to little girls and boys waking our souls. I never planned to have kids of my own. It JUST happened. 😂🤣🤔 And what am i working on? My lost faith and returning home to see if it still exists after my brother’s suicide. I still have not quite unraveled the ball of yarn and what has been unraveled, keeps raveling. But progress happens as i can sit 10 minutes with a prayerful thought and not run out of the room screaming.

    Love your description of your daughter. A beautiful soul connected with your beautiful heart! Yes!!!!!

    And this series may just help me figure out life. 🙄😂❤️🎶🎶🎶🕊

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    1. Sorry to hear about your brother… always hard… just remember it wasn’t anyone’s fault… not even your brother’s… sometimes things just get to a point… we all try our best… mistakes happen… if your brother could take it back I’m sure he would… as shitty as this sounds… he wasn’t thinking… we’ve all been there… stuck on this idea… that we forget there is more than that one idea… we always want to blame someone… usually ourselves… but we shouldn’t… these words will never subside the pain or loss… I’ve lost a few family members to suicide myself… I wish you the best of luck on your journey…

      lots of hugs…

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  4. Oh my goodness! I love hearing you speak about your little girl! Such a proud daddy!
    You are funny. Collecting old board games for an art project. You are totes adorbs, Layney bear.
    I love this idea. I would love to play the game with you. My answer is not so sweet as yours. And my kids are not so physical anymore.
    Dancing. Mine is dancing. It fits all the criteria… mind, body, soul…
    Big hugs, Mr Glass xxx

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    1. what is this sleep you speak of?… is it some sort of new wave drug the kids are into these days?… I’m only kidding… I should try finding time to exercise… it is great for the mind… and well everything you said… thank you for the suggestion…

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