Broken Thoughts

Inventory of Thoughts

Fading in and out
A song on skip and repeat
A rhythm I can’t get out of my head
It haunts rather than drives me
Where will I go from here
Where were we headed before this
A sick sad feeling I couldn’t resist
Pieced together with broken thoughts
Taking notes on nothing at all
Inventory of thoughts that don’t matter anymore
We sit and stand only to sit again
As though we had anywhere to be at all
Given in and letting go seems so hard
Understanding must be for the weak
Tomorrow though will be a time to reflect
On all the things we hate, we hate it all conveniently
World keeps burning along with these feelings
A dark cloud hangs over the sky
A misting of piss and shit fills the air
Beating down upon me
As if yes
This is nothing more than nothing


Why didn’t you just drag me threw glass
Replace my teeth with broken pieces off the floor
You knew it it would be like this
So you left me to suffer, Fuck you
I get it, but Fuck you
Why didn’t you just smash in every bone
Replace them with pins unable to move
You knew it would be like this
So you lead me on that it would be okay
Fuck you, I get it, but Fuck you all the same
Why didn’t you just throw me off a cliff
Replace my skin with jagged rocks on the way down
You knew it would be like this
Could have at least done me the favor
From the beginning of this life, Fuck you
I get it but fucking really
If I haven’t said it before
Thanks Mom


Some deep cuts today… Yes… I am aware… that I missed Monday’s post… I have no excuse… I wish I did… just completely forgot to even get on the computer… Been working on a short story… and by that I mean I’ve written two lines in the last week… so I have been kind of avoiding the computer… working a lot… just not at what I want to be working at… it is a soul crushing feeling… but some times these things have to be done… I’m sure a lot of you have been where I am now… and know that it is only a passing moment… do what has to be done and get out… spend too long and it becomes the norm… I don’t plan on staying for to long… taking care of what need to be taken care off… and I’m out… 

But that means that I won’t be posting as much… well not as much as before… more or less when I can… or when I remember… Hope all is well…


7 thoughts on “Broken Thoughts”

  1. Take your time, Layney bear. But also, write the story… doesn’t matter what it comes out like at first as long as you get its bones uncovered…
    I loved today’s thoughts… that ending though…
    Big hugs

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    1. I need to sit down and write it… I think I have spent too much time thinking about it though… I need to try a different story and circle back… But I have been so lazy as of late… haha… that’s why there is a four day delay in response… hugs…


      1. Spending too much time thinking about things is kinda what you do, Layney bear… but yes… try something else and then come back… I’m sure you haven’t been lazy… you’re kinda busy, dude. Don’t stress about response times… you will get to things when you can 🙂

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      2. me over think?… I feel like you don’t even know me Lemons… : )

        I just printed it off… going to rewrite it at another time… too close to the story to see anything but the faults…

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  2. 🦊
    For the past two weeks
    I’ve been working on a story as well…
    Most of it exists in my head
    And what physically exists is very little…

    I just… Idk why I can’t bring myself to do stuff…
    I am kinda addicted to my phone but…
    It really bothers me and I just feel like running from myself when I realise how unproductive I am…


    What helps me keep peace tho is talking to my friends and getting distracted…

    I hope you get out of your busy work soon and find a lot of time to do the stuff you want to do!

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