It Arrived…

monster collab edit


“That’s when I was like… She just doesn’t get me… Sometimes it feels as though I’m only talking to myself… shh… acted natural I can see her in the distance…”

“I can hear you Charles… If this is how you are going to be the whole time… Maybe we should go home… I only wanted to have a good time…”

Charles whispers “She gets like this every time there is an end of days… Wait where are you going?… Don’t run away… Every time…”



Peter makes this look easy… if you don’t know who Peter is… he is the mad genius behind Little Fears… if you don’t know who Little Fears is… well the link is for you… if you like horror… comedy… odd things… and… art… Little Fears is for you… also it is okay to groan… Peter is into that sort of thing… Little Fears Presents It Arrived

Forrester McLeod AKA Katy Boyer AKA we just met so I’m not sure which name she likes to go by… but I have been checking out her art and her website… I have to say I have been very impressed by her work… both written… and artistically… so if you like art… words… or discovering new things… then you should definitely check her out… It Arrived… 

I want to thank Peter and Katy for the invite… It Arrived… was a very fun and exciting concept… being that I’m no where as good of an artist as either one of them… It was a fun and rewarding challenge… to try to get to their level… hope you all enjoy this special week-end post… see you Monday… 

16 thoughts on “It Arrived…”

  1. Hey Layne! This was wonderful!!! Thanks for a great end of the day laugh! 🤣 And Your art is so cool!!! Thank YOU for the very nice shout-out. And You can call me or Forrest or Katy or whatever! Cheers and it’s a pleasure getting to know You! 😄

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      1. Hey Layne! I just wanted to tell You: I have a very dear friend who is super cool and follows my blog although she has nothing to do with blogland and kindof doesn’t really understand it. She’s a face booker which is hilarious to me because I don’t understand that and just stay away!🤣 She never clicks my like button, but when she likes something I’ve posted she either texts or tells me when we work together. (My day job is in an antique/art/gift shop). WELL! I came home Sunday evening after my adventure with my boyfriend to a REALLY happy text that she LOVED the collaboration. Loved everything about it. All of us. I wrote her a sweet Thank You. We worked together today and RIGHT when I walked in she was gushing. She LOVES You and Peter. I mean! She just couldn’t say enough about Y’all!!! About our whole thing. You’ll never know she’s around, but just know in the deep south there is an UBER cool chick who silently thinks You’re amazing! Yay and Cheers!!! 🤗

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      2. That is awesome… I’m glad she enjoyed our collaboration… tell her thank you for me… : ) I’m not big on facebook either… I have one… but I never use it…

        By the way you both have a pretty cool job…

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      3. I certainly will tell her!!! And yeah….if You gotta do retail…I think we work in a pretty cool place. We get to wear what we want and listen to whatever music we want. And breaking out in dance or silliness is not frowned upon. Thank God! 🤣 Have a great one!!! Cheers! 🤗💖☀️

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