Broken Lines

Something has been lacking in my life lately
Motivation, a will to live, I don’t know
Not very enthused about anything…

Dead, I’m dying inside to let it go

Sleeping with my eyes open

Society will fuck you with no reason why

What does it take to be human

Working hard to do nothing at all

Dragging me down, weighted down, cement coffin

A sense of worth, the feel of pain

What does it take to be a woman

A sense of belonging, the feel of regret

What does it take to be a man

The idea of existence, the feel of love

All the traits that make you human

What’s the point in the end if it doesn’t matter

My feelings are taking me to my grave

Smile real big, it doesn’t hurt
Does it hurt to smash your own face in
Because I keep doing it
With the same fucking smile
Ask me again, what was the fucking question


Thought I would try something different… six shitty poems cut up and left on the screen… it kind of follows a pattern… in other news… I opened up my etsy shop… sadly for right now… I will only be able to ship within the US… but only until I get the hang of it… figuring out how to ship a painting is going to be fun… would prints be a better idea?… all a waste of time?… judge me in the comments below… : ) … 

Threadless… merch… Amazon… books…. Etsy…. for art and such… 

9 thoughts on “Broken Lines”

    1. At the moment no… I’d prefer to do prints and keep my originals… I want to find a way to scan them… there is a shop that does something like that for large pieces… I need to call them and see how much it costs… but I need money first… the alternative to spending money on them is taking pictures… but it is so hard to find a print worthy photo…


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