Hidden Meaning Lost On Me…


Had to get something better
Only to see how it feels
Feels the same only worse
Nothing is ever what it seems
Nothing seems like it ever was
Lost over time
Still not sure what I have become
Adult, child words
Have no meaning until you give
Purpose to them
I say I care but I don’t think
I ever have
I lie to make myself to feel better
Now I have become the lie
And I feel like shit
If only I had a purpose
If only I had meaning
If only I could become the words
I pretend to live by


Inside, Still Hurting

Had a dollar
Now I have five
Lost it all
Now only left with lies
What is the cost of a soul
Slowly choking
Slowly dying
If you haven’t guessed
It is you I despise
Words can be missed judged
Actions never get taken the wrong way
Make it up as you go
These are the truths that
Only encompasses a lie
Felt I had more
If I only realized
I’d burn all this shit down
Start over
Once I eat the ashes
The new god will cease to live
In your pagan made up language
Sold my soul to assume my goal
Now how about you?


“But at least you tried”… Is my favorite lyric from any song ever… bonus points if you guessed Eulogy by Tool… that seems to be my life right now… seems to be my life looking back… seems to be my life looking forward… doesn’t matter what happened… is happening… will happen… at least I tried… But is that good enough?… is anything ever good enough?… for you… for me… for anyone?… so fed up with trying to be good enough… because the answer is no… nothing is ever good enough… for god… for our parents… for our loved ones… for ourselves… down and out… and yet I keep swinging… keep pushing forward… keeping going on as if somehow I will overcome this feeling… this idea… that one day everything will be good enough… life’s a bitch… and then you have to live it… 

Threadless… shirts and merch… Amazon… more depressing ass words… Etsy… overpriced subconscious art… 

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