Digging Up The Past… Embarrassing To Say The Least…

Lets take it back… back to before the beginning… before the time… I ever wanted to do this… before it was a dream… when it was something I did… over something I wanted to do… if I cut myself open right now… there is no way any of this would come out… lost thoughts… embarrassment… exposed just for you… why the fuck do I do this to myself?… 


Age 13: Digging a Ditch Six Feet Deep

Please Stay

I don’t know what to say
You probably wouldn’t understand anyway
You know I love you so why won’t you stay, stay, stay
Hey, Hey, just stay, stay
Sorry if you don’t like the way I speak to you
I’m sorry but you’re the first person I’ve fallen in love with
And I don’t know what to say to make you happy with me
So please stay don’t go away please stay with me please
Stay with me
I’ll try to make you happy with me if you don’t
Go away so please stay with me I’ll make everything be okay


(Editors Note)… I cleaned up a fuck ton of editing  mistakes… your vs you’re… ok vs okay… no vs know… so my grammar has at least gotten better over time… not by much… a lot to unpack here… No fucking idea what this was really about… don’t remember writing this at all… but looking back at this time… this point in my life… where I was… I can guess this was about a girl named Ashley… that’s her real name… no fucking clue what her last name is or was… Also we were never together… because I was too scared….

There is one story about her that I can tell… I hate myself so much… you’re welcome… once on a dare… I called her house… we all lived on base so our numbers were listed if you knew the last name… I remember that I kind of knew her last name… at least what it started with… so I called every number until… haha… Jesus… and asked for Ashley until some one said one second… Who the fuck knows how long that took… time is not a thing when you are that young… I finally get her on the line… I’ve been working over what I would say in my head this whole time… I hear her voice… and I shut down… I stay silent… “Hello?”… “Hello?”… finally I say… “Do you know what we are supposed to do for History Class?”… 

That was one of the classes we shared… she tells me whatever it was… “Did you want to talk about anything else?”… “Nope that was it”… hung up the phone… didn’t say… see you tomorrow… thank you… just put the phone down like a zombie… we didn’t talk much if ever again… of course I saw her everyday until I eventually moved… she even dated a guy that looked a lot like me… over weight and funny… I may have built this next part in my head.. who knows or cares after this much time… but you could tell she was unhappy… it was almost like she was trying to tell me to ask… all I had to do was ask… I didn’t… 

I don’t regret dating some girl I have no idea about… I regret not taking a chance… worst thing she could have said was no… be right here where I am anyway… happy… with a family… telling stories… or I might have been a serial killer… life is about gambling… but if you don’t roll the dice… well nothing is going to happen…  


Bonus: Favorite Bands At That Time

  1. Blink- 182
  2. Slipknot
  3. New Found Glory
  4. Mudvayne
  5. Soulfly
  6. Alien Ant Farm
  7. Sum 41
  8. Coal Chamber
  9. Fear Factory
  10. Spineshank

(That’s an official list… an official list of sadness…  haha… you know I was cool as fuck at 13… and that’s okay if you don’t think so… haha… we all area bunch of losers in the end… I couldn’t be more proud… embrace who you are… )


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There Is A Clicking Sound Coming From Some Where..

Adam Never Understood Eve

Friendship destroyed over time
Words exchanged, truth
You try to hide
Don’t like the outcome
Look inside, I didn’t say
I didn’t do this to you
Spoke my mind from the outside

I get I’m not you
I understand I don’t feel like you
Understand I am not you
How I feel shouldn’t be so important to you

Cut me out like a cancer
Purge me from your system
Doesn’t hide the truth
The reason you’re so angry
You know I’m right or you’d call bullshit
Know that I mean what I say
I can take the hurt, the pain
Understand what you threw away
Destruction of a relationship
Two sides to everything
Right and wrong
Only a thought
Never understood me at all


(Warning… Going to get real fucking dark from here until the banner… If the title is too much… the poem isn’t going to spark a sense of happiness… )


Suicide is… Fuck You… 

The guilt dripping from your wounds
Bleeding pain, purging existence
Hated you, but me?
Selfless, selfish, what’s the difference?
Label my pain, put me in a box
Check it off your list
Sure I spit blood
Poison to only drink down
Counting 1, 2, 3, 4
Why bother counting them at all?
Drawing it out, taking sips like anyone gives a shit
No one cared until it was too late
Testing me motherfucker is all I got
Didn’t do this for you, did it for me
Dug the hole, ready to sleep underground
Calling out, thought about the thoughts
The anger, the pain it fades
Going on wasn’t what it was before
A silence so pure, I’m afraid
I’ve taken this to some other place
Fighting to, fighting everything
Should have walked away
Death and pain were never the same thing
Thought I knew, I knew nothing at all
Can’t take back what’s already been
Fucking moment of clarity
Came to fucking late

Step back, look around
Before what is done
Can’t be undone
Pain is living 
Living is the only way to be
Beauty behind what can be seen
Feeling or felt
I’m not afraid of what you say
What you may do
A weakness, a lie
This life at times
Can just be too much
What it is, a storm
Only passing through



Prewarning this rant might get dark… but I really hope it doesn’t… though if you are a fan… once I get started… we are all in for a ride… where that goes?… who the fuck knows… I should watch Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory again… On a side note… Ampersand… is a word I love and never use… I just love the sound of it… hate the symbol though… by the time you are done making it not look like a “G”… just write “and”… it is three fucking letters… well that was the rant… haha… let’s get into this before I forget what it is I am even trying to say… 

The dark poem… Suicide is… Fuck You… First the title is a play on Suicide is Painless… I’d link that… but you either know or you don’t know and I don’t belive that it is in fact painless… I talk a lot about my inner demons… but I don’t talk a lot about my deep down demons… I touch on them from time to time… mostly about my struggle with fighting them off… Of course I believe this is all part of being human… a rationalization that can’t really be disproved… to say I don’t think about doing it at least once every few days well… that would be a lie… I don’t think that is weird… off-putting… or makes me a freak… but why don’t I do it?… I’ve certainly thought about it enough…

I don’t kill myself not because I am stronger than those who have… or better… or anything superficial as that… don’t get me wrong I am an arrogant ass none the less… I don’t do it because… fuck it lets see what happens… Everything around me is already trying to kill me… why give in?… if I am going to die… then I’m going to die… whether I want too or not… I also don’t go rob… steal… or try to hurt anyone for the same reason… why bring on… push that pain on to someone else?… that seems unfair… I think there is more than enough to live for… and more than enough to not… I walk a thin fucking line… I never promise anything… but I will do my best… can always go either way… I live moment to moment… because if I don’t… my anxiety takes over… and my first thought is always end it… to me it seems when there is no more fight… that’s when things are truly bad… get up keep swing… 

Where that takes me?… fuck it lets see what happens… does that work for everyone… no… that’s something about anything… find out what works for you… but find out what works… not hurting anyone?… not hurting yourself beyond repair?… fuck it… see what happens… point is that you need to see what happens… because that is where the real fun is… unrealistic?… maybe… but so is killing yourself… thinking the pain will go away… life is a shit show… we just have to live it… 

Chewing on fucking glass… tastes like shit… hope it fucking lasts… 


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Wir haben Angst und sind allein…

Recently, well two days ago I finally got around to reading a comic called The Dead Hand.  (The graphic novel doesn’t come out until Oct. But if you are into history and comics. I can’t suggest this enough. It is well worth the preorder.) The Dead Hand tells a fictional story that takes place during the Cold War. A time where the United States, the world really didn’t know what was going to happen. I am going to do my best to say what I have to say without giving away much of the story. 

The genesis of the idea behind this story is the idea that Russia made an A.I. system that could detect an American threat. Once the threat was received the system was programmed to retaliate without hesitation, without thought. Being a comic of course it is filled with exciting things, not plausible things, fiction, but the odd thing was the fiction wasn’t the unbelievable part of the story. The fiction actually made more sense than the truth of the matter. I believe that is why it has stuck with me for the past two days.

See it wasn’t that Russia developed a complex A.I. system or the fact that they developed it before the 90’s. Before the fall of the U.S.S.R. they were somehow able to develop a system more advanced than what we have even today. That wasn’t mind-blowing to me, at all. No, it was the thought behind its creation that seems so out of this world, so fictional. The truth in all of this is that during the Cold War. The United States and Russia were more than ready to destroy the world. Not one another. That would make sense. That would be easy to process, but instead they were ready to destroy the world. The selfishness of the situation seems unreal. Then I have to stop. I have to look around and that’s when I realize. It is right on point for who we are as humans.

I find myself questioning what it means to be American often. I want to jump to the conclusion that we are everything everyone says we are, but I also like to believe that we are not. The reality is that it has nothing to do with where you are from. Any nation, any thing under a microscope will reveal things we did know where there. Things we may not have wanted to know. It is easy to point At the United States or Russia and say they are evil. They have done evil things. Evil intentions. In actually as fucked up as the Cold War was and it was pretty fucked up. It gave us more than we could have known. It gave us this among other things. The internet, which we use everyday. Both good and bad. Some of us use it for what it was intended to be used for and some use it to hurt others. That isn’t nation based. That is human. As much as I want to say that so and so is the enemy to the human race. The reality is that we are the enemy of the human race. We do this to each other. For no reason at all.

Last night there was a shooting a street down from where I live. It was a drive by. Bullets ripped through steel, through flesh and blood, and now two people lay in the hospital. The shooting was drug related as these things seem to be as of late. Probably fighting over territory. For shit that was never really there’s to begin with and as I snatch my daughter from the couch. Press her body to the floor and I try to figure what the fuck is even happening. As I lay over her body to protect her I think what is this really all for? Hours later I am left with the same feeling. I wait for what I know is going to come. More shots echo outside of my home. The thing is there are always retaliation shots. No one gets shot, shot at and thinks, “Where did I fuck up?” 

Despite putting over twenty rounds into the strangers down the street so far they have lived. I couldn’t be more upset at the fact. I shouldn’t feel that way. I should be happy. Feel as though every life is precious, but instead I am left feeling like a monster.  Of course there will be retaliation. There will be retribution. It won’t be tonight or tomorrow, but it will come. How long until someone else is left feeling like me as they hold their child in fear or worse? Because that is how we are. A nuclear apocalypse or a bullet. What’s the difference? A nation or a person what is the difference? To be human at times is fucking sick. 




(The title is from a German band known as Rammstein from their song Engel. It says, “We are afraid and alone.” Or at least that is what Google told me.)


Another short post… still have a lot of thoughts running through my mind at the moment… about what I want to do… bare with me… and yes I am aware that this is a cop out… but I just watched the new trailer… well the only trailer at the moment for Captain Marvel… super hyped… so I thought I would share some movies that I am hyped about… pretty lame… not at all bloody… but if you want to imagine that I pulled these trailers from my own brain with a bloody knife… well who am I to stop you?… 



Other movies I want to check out…

Bad Times at the El Royale


Hotel Artemis




Seems like I am really into hotel movies as of late… haha… but they both look really good… In all fairness… I’d watch anything with The Dude in it… I could watch him read a boring book… it would be creepy as fuck… but I would do it…

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Watching The World Go By… In Ever Passing Moments…

The Plan

Feelings disappear into the light
Faded but always there
Moments in time seems to last forever
Seconds of thought, a lifetime of regret
Decisions made that can’t be undone
Another day in the life of someone else
Too afraid to take a step
Backwards or forwards there is nothing left
Feelings reappearing every night
Haunting me from the shadows
Crosses burning, signaling a fight
A struggle so unreal that it has to be real life
A thought that doesn’t cross empty minds
Time has a way or remaining all the same
People don’t change only the time and place
Lost in a cycle that can’t possibly end
Given up only to just begin
Suffering was always the ultimate plan


Mapping out how I would feel
Planning every occurrence that makes this unreal
A desperation so pure
A rotting life left with no cure



Short post today… I’m not feeling today at all… which is an odd way to say that I am feeling too much… too many thoughts to make any sense… ever passing moment… there is a war inside my head… a battle to keep going on… versus a force that says lay down and die… dig a hole and crawl in… ever passing moment… self-destruction was never my thing… only a dream… locked inside my head… “Want to destroy something beautiful”… what is it that I want to destroy?… when I’m so ugly… scared… broken… the surface still… calm… chaos hidden from view… tearing my throat out… won’t shut up… tearing my soul to pieces… can’t give up… some part of me… still in here… in some way… waiting out the storm… ever passing moment… I’m only trying to live… 


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“This chicken is really spicy!!!”… My daughter… made me smile when I wanted to cry… all I added was a hint of pepper… little things that make no sense… change of mood… love her… even if I don’t love myself… comforting to know I love at all… 

There’s a Crack In My Heart That I Can Not Contain…


It’s been 27 years since this song debuted… a lot of shit has happened in that time… a lot of emotions have sparked and died… but does any of it matter?… Is music really that important?… Is a dead man worth remembering?… 

We are all searching for some form of importance… to our kids… to our friends… on the internet… through our books… and words… thoughts thought about and purged onto someone else… it all seems too much to take in at times… too much to process… but is it important?… I would hope so…

This song makes me happy… makes me want to get up and do something with myself… the song brings me so much joy, but at the same time so much pain… so many thoughts of what could have been… the realization that someone is dead… that there is no more music coming… a retrospective on who I am and what I want to be… a burden or a saint… 

Worshiping a drug addict doesn’t seem like the right think to do… but if he told me to jump… would I?… how much influence can someone really have?… as much as we let them… a guiding light… when it comes to the arts… we take certain things and separate them from the facts… it doesn’t matter what he did but what he has done… broken… the idea is broken… and I am broken right along with him… 

Kurt Cobain has influenced me… Nirvana has influenced me… and in the 27 years since then… they still do… along with countless others… his death was to me another crack on my heart… another fractured reminder that all my heroes are dead… and one day I will be too… 


“I have never failed to feel.”
Kurt Cobain



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Self Destruct… One Word At A Time…

Time ticks by without a name or face
What is it that I’m doing in this place
Lost and dying, I have no time to rest
All I want to do is lay down
Pretend that I’m dead
Peace is a word with no meaning
Who can go in such a fashion in theory
Never wanted to be here, never wanted to leave
Now the choice is up to me
Hope is something I once had
Now I have nothing never said I was glad
A feeling I once had
The world wants more than they let on
Taking a piece every day
Forgive me if I have nothing left
Forgive me if I gave it all away
Never knew any better
Thought this was what it was all about
A truth I can not speak
An idea I believe but don’t live
A dream buried deep within me
Straggling an idea
Choking at the thought of it all
Another drink and I will be
To far gone
A place called home
A place I’ve long to become
Lost words in the idea of it all
Meaning more than I’m willing to say
A thought stuck in my throat
Know that I gave it my all
Know that all of this
Has always been for you


Becoming immortal has its costs
Some pay in love, most pay in blood
A cost no one wants to afford
Though we can all pay out
An endless thought left out to rot
Lost diary no one cared to read
The times slip away
The words get lost
Yet somehow, some way mean the same
So many voice that don’t care
So many that do
Lost in the commotion
The idea drifts away
Hanging in the air
Waiting for their time
Waiting until the moment is right


Painting a picture
Means so much to me
An image buried in my mind
Just like the time I tried to die
A gallery with everything
I’ve been trying to say
Love was, never easy for me
Death makes sense
When you think about it
Giving up was all I ever needed
Wanted more but I never lied
Gave up the will
Gave in to all the things you feel
Emotional despise
Kiss your lips
Caress all that you are
I watched you die
I watched as you gave me everything
Smiled at the thought
Slaughtered all that you are
Choking the thought you could have meant
I thank you
Become you only to understand
I was never anything
Miss your love like I miss the sun
Not at all
Each stroke more than a thought
A line to keep moving on
Sing me a song 
Your voice so sweet 
Choking each note as though
It were my own


Tearing apart the world
Each word means something else
Hush your voice as I decide
What to do with you
My hands wrapped around your throat
My pain pushed through each finger tip
Have I told you how much I love you
Enjoying the silence
The solace of your voice
A digging emotion that I’ve tried to hide
Failure at its most definitive definition
I don’t hate you 
As much as I have always loved you
Hammer to a nail left out
Catching my skin against the grain
I’ve bleed for you
What have you done for me?
Sacrifice, never enough
I don’t want to own you
As much as you are mine
Body soul, sacrifice more
Give me what I deserve
A selfishness, a worthlessness
Succumb to all that I’ve told
A fantasy running through my mind
You are mine, you are what I say
As I do it, broken thoughts on nothing at all
Worship God. worship me for what I am
You think you have a choice
The choice was always mine
Know your place in my mind
Know that you’ve always been mine

Naked thoughts
Private moments
That told me
You are what 
I tell you to be
X rated thoughts
A whore amongst
Them all
If I told you
If I begged
What separates you
From my mind
Fantasy played out
Own, become, sacrifice
Shut your dirty mouth
Give me all that you
Will ever be


Got a little dirty… swimming in the gutter… giving away more than I thought… pain succumbing to a though that doesn’t make any sense…  No one told me to be quite… shut my mouth… and open my eyes… pissing on all that you know… a flood of crimson… a flood of the color yellow… makes no sense… but does the pain ever have to?… a feeling lost among the lost souls… I’d give you all that I know… an empty mind with only one thought on the mind…  a broken vine… that reaches for more than a thought… digs at the soil… digs deep down in side… never satisfied… a thought that will only become… a way of life… swinging at the thought… coming up empty… am answer buried deep within… a life time to understand… a life time given only to become… dead… like the times… a history only meant to be repeated… smile because you’ve always known… you been doing it right… 

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