There’s a Crack In My Heart That I Can Not Contain…


It’s been 27 years since this song debuted… a lot of shit has happened in that time… a lot of emotions have sparked and died… but does any of it matter?… Is music really that important?… Is a dead man worth remembering?… 

We are all searching for some form of importance… to our kids… to our friends… on the internet… through our books… and words… thoughts thought about and purged onto someone else… it all seems too much to take in at times… too much to process… but is it important?… I would hope so…

This song makes me happy… makes me want to get up and do something with myself… the song brings me so much joy, but at the same time so much pain… so many thoughts of what could have been… the realization that someone is dead… that there is no more music coming… a retrospective on who I am and what I want to be… a burden or a saint… 

Worshiping a drug addict doesn’t seem like the right think to do… but if he told me to jump… would I?… how much influence can someone really have?… as much as we let them… a guiding light… when it comes to the arts… we take certain things and separate them from the facts… it doesn’t matter what he did but what he has done… broken… the idea is broken… and I am broken right along with him… 

Kurt Cobain has influenced me… Nirvana has influenced me… and in the 27 years since then… they still do… along with countless others… his death was to me another crack on my heart… another fractured reminder that all my heroes are dead… and one day I will be too… 


“I have never failed to feel.”
Kurt Cobain



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7 thoughts on “There’s a Crack In My Heart That I Can Not Contain…”

  1. Ah… Nirvana. Part of the soundtrack of my teens. So nostalgic. You’re a legend for posting this and sharing your thoughts, L. Fits the slight melancholy I can’t explain today. Hope you’re okay. I’m still around for a chat you know, whenever you need 🤗

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      1. For me, the saddest Nirvana song, or at least the one that triggers a sad emotion for me is, Jesus don’t want me for a sunbeam. It was a time when I had first moved to Cyprus at 15 and I want fucking sad and angry and not ana seemed to expel bad feelings or perhaps allow me to wallow a bit in a dark swamp before brushing off all the sludge and gunge and see a bit of light. Then I’d listen to “now that’s what i call music #28” ( my absolute favourite Now complication, lol! I can’t imagine you EVER even OWNED a now that’s what I call music album…) and dance around to “no no no …you don’t love me and I know now…” And then sing at the top of my lungs to “I swear”! Ah…the 90s right? Moulded me, for sure.
        Much love, L. And a hug

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  2. We all take premature losses of those who meant the world to us, as our own mortal wounds. You are still here, and so is Kurt’s body of work- much as Jim Morrison’s and Tim Buckley’s bodies of work are still here, for those of us of a certain age. You count greatly, Layne.

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