Digging Up The Past… On The Edge Of Seventeen… Vol 2

Editor’s Note: I’m pretty sure these were meant to be songs… That’s how all this began… going to try to copy them word for word… but I promise nothing… 


Wide Eyed

looking deep through your eyes
I see the truth in your lies
the many lives you’ve lived before
you’re nothing without the dead

wide eyed
try, I eyed
miss my life
buried in your


Editor’s Note: Most of everything is going to look a whole lot like Broken Thoughts… Because well shit never changes… just gets worse… dear God it is all leaking back in…


Sins of lust, sins of greed
Sins of wrath, sins of envy
What the fuck is gluttony???
Sins of life, sins of death
Seven Deadly sins, no rest
Sins of life, sins of death
Seven deadly sins, no test

(I remember what this is about kind of… I was really into the Misfits… Okay I still am… but at the time I was too… so I wanted so much to be like Glenn Danzig… Short horror punk songs… etc… this one was about the movie Seven… apparently I decided I was bored with the idea… because I never finished it… missing two sins…)


Communism, prevampire Catholicism
Find me lost in botulism
Finally realize
You must fuck the ism
Fuck, fuck the ism



What did you come up with?
What did you think?
Who fucking cares

“Communism is nothing but a red herring”

One of them is bigger than the other one
And one is not a pig
Society’s views are not viewed clear
Another generation has lost its integrity

Cross multiply, cross multiply
The Christian mask you put on
Is false

“Some say why does a preacher need a nice house?”
He is the god child
haha, you’re blind

Cross multiply, cross multiply
Raise me upon your cross
Realize that you are wrong

(This one is inspired by Nine Inch Nails… and White Zombie… The quotes are from soundbites I had found on the internet… I don’t know where the first one is from… the second one is from a movie… my friends and I used to quote all the time… even at seventeen the hypocrisy of religion was a theme I would obsess about… I have no hate or ill fillings towards any religion… I just can’t stand this idea that I’m better than you… so it is human’s for the most part that I can’t stand… why ruin something beautiful with your selfish needs?…

I don’t know… basically you won’t find me in church on Sunday… but you won’t be seeing me burn one down either… if you aren’t hurting anyone… do your thing… you have my support…)


What you need I don’t have
Why keep asking
Why Keep demanding
To see your god would be too hard
How far would you go
To see something that you don’t know


Walk of the dead
Walk of the dead
We walk
Walk of the dead
Walk of the dead
They plague

Look into the eyes of the living
Fear is creeping up on them

Walk of the dead
Walk of the dead
There is nothing left
Walk of the dead
Walk of the dead
They’re everywhere

(Misfits inspired once again… Wonder what the title of this one could have been…)



Well that was fun… I have more from this time… I have no idea when the next post will come out… but there will be more… I hope that you enjoyed this version of Digging Up The Past… I’m off to be embarrassed in the corner… Until next time… keep fucking writing… 

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