Can't See It Directly… Broken Thoughts…

I gave you everything and you took it away
This is the sound it makes
Still meant it all the same
Still meant the same thing in the end
Words spoken with no tongues
A fools idea of what this all is meant to mean
I’d give my life to God but he won’t have me
Driving the nails down deep
You’d think I’d remember but I just can’t sleep
Gave up on God when he gave up on me
Think I’d remember but I just can’t believe
The nails drive deep, the pain reaches to my feet
Thought I had seen it all
Knew when I said the words I was wrong

My depression doesn’t leave too much room for admiration…

I’m suicidal and I couldn’t tell you
What I’d do to let this all go
Spent too much time on useless things
Too much energy wasted to care anymore

Sadness consumes me and I move on…

Your promises go quiet
Replaced with lies
Seems to happen every time
I become comfortable
A pattern that is too hard to ignore
How I feel inside confuses me
Pain, hatred, hurt, alone
Running in circles inside my head
Can’t expect you to stay
When I’m so busy running away
Your promises never stay the same
Hard to keep track of everything in my head
Want to say something but I know it is in vain
Wasted time wasting away
Could what you say really mean
What you think it does
All this time and I’m left with regret
Used, mad, thrown away, isolated
A world moved past me
What do I do now that
All of your promises have faded away
Stuck between two spaces
Two frames of mind is a empty place to be

Using an old logo… because why not?.. spend too much time thinking about useless things… a lot of random thoughts this week… the blood in the picture isn’t real… I did gnaw at the glass to see what it tasted like… feeling pretty random… feel a whole lot like that last piece… trapped between two spaces of mind… keep it going… or leave the dead where they be… lonely place to be… not sure if lonely is the right word… fuck it… changed it… that’s what notes are for… will only makes sense to me… in this empty place…

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