Smells Like Death On A Warm Summer Night… Broken Thoughts…

Spoken with a hint of irony
A blasphemous idea spread over time
Could the devil exist without a god
Aren’t they one in the same in the end
Spoken but never heard
Good and evil working together
To tear this all down
Order breeds chaos
Chaos breeds order
Life isn’t a line
But a circle waiting on time

“We’re always quitting something. Whether it’s childhood, drugs, alcohol, or sugar. We have to be quitting something and for what?”

Strip away all that you know
What is left, a blank slate
The devil and god could only know
What it was like in the beginning
Don’t want to believe it
A pawn to a system that can’t be won
Don’t want to listen when
The truth is so hidden
A life made out of lies

From ape to man our ideas have always been the same…

Past along idea, still no one wants to hear
A liar, a vile existence, a useless idea
Correct, my beliefs have always been
Take your lies and walk your line
Do not step across into mine
What I believe is how it is
Repeated mantra of millions
Spreads into billions
Becomes the truth
Because new ideas are not the light
New ideas are not accepted in this life
Strike me in the heart
Watch me die

Broken Thoughts
Layne Ambrose

Well that was interesting… not sure if this is a real Broken Though considering it is one idea… broken up… pretty boring day… about to work on the timeline for my novel… I guess you could call it an outline… but the novel will not be linear so you can’t call it an outline… a preoutline?… which the computer is telling me it is not a thing… see no new ideas in this life time… waiting for the update I guess…

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