Pressed Against The Wall… Seeping Into The Cracks…


Carrying the weight of our souls
On my back through this living hell
I wish for more
But all I get is the same
Carnivorous, carnivores
We eat our young
Shit out the old
A machine made of razor blade teeth
The cycle won’t end
For fear that all will be lost
For fear of death
For fear of something different
We think that we know everything
We know nothing beyond the idea of despise
The fact we can breathe
Is a miracle in of itself
Embrace this, embrace it all
With an open heart and closed eyes
See where it takes us after all
Slowly declining such a sad existence
Slowly inhaling
Slowly exhaling
Slowly breathing this all away


One Piece At A Time

Against all odds
Pulled it off
But lost it all
If you think you know
You learn to find
You know nothing at all
The importance of thought
A grain of sand
In a giant tidal wave of shit
You drown in it
You struggle threw it
But in the end
You only learn to live with it


A Place Called Home

Slowly killing myself
Slowly killing you
I take you down with me
To a deep dark hole
I’ve come to call my soul
After everything we’ve done
After everything I’ve said
There’s not much left to love
A fear I have come to commend
Slowly killing myself
Slowly killing you
I take you within me
To have and to hold
Forever of old
To a place called home

How is it that nothing is ever finished?… day after day… year after year… always something new to say about the same damn thing?… a broken cycle?… or… the way it is?… Is this my journey?… or… all I have to say?… being trapped in my house isn’t… well any different than normal for me… locked away in hiding… is basically my overall goal in life… odd that the idea of prison or hell… scares me… I don’t even believe in one of those… funny how we fear the very thing we want… broken… the only conclusion I have found… outside of being human…

Moving on… Broken Thoughts Vol 2… should be out by now… if all goes as planned… how did you enjoy it?… a step in the right direction or a step off a cliff?… the deep end I should pull myself out of once again?… self doubt is the essence of my existence… and the nail that will do me in… I fear it all as much as I want it… so… in the end… all I want is fear… comforting… if uncomfortable after all…

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Say It With Your Chest…

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