Too Many Things Left To Do… Broken Thoughts…

Making my way
Paved and incomplete
Searching for answers
Without any clues
Working on getting free
Giving all my time away
Never as easy as they say
Cracked, open, free
Waiting out the end of the world
Making my way
Concentrating on the inconveniences
Digging up clues
Without any resolution

“The Lord only gives us as much as we can handle. Because you either kill yourself or handle it. It isn’t divine reasoning. It is common sense.”

Without you everything feels pointless
Standing here asking how
Laying here on the ground
Breathing was never the most important thing
Sleeping off this discussion
A moment longer and we could kill each other
Without everything seems so pointless
Sitting here wondering how
Hovering above the ground
Living was never the most important thing
Dying off this reason
A moment longer and maybe then I’d have known
The love I thought we lost
Spent too much time wondering
And not asking

“I wish it would rain. Shit on everyone’s parade.”

Can’t get these thoughts out of my head
Here’s to another lifetime of this
Speaking in riddles, tongues tied to not say
How I truly feel about all of this
Thoughts come crashing back in
A drink is more than what I need
And all that I want
Just need something to set me straight
Not forever but for a time
Locked in this skin
Is not good for anyone, let alone me
I’ll bring you the fire if you supply the water
Drowning out, snuffing out all my desires
Anything to not let me be me

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