Took It For What It Was… Broken Thoughts…

Bleeding out the words
For all those to see
Those of us in need like me
Sleeping through the moments
Working the words into the bone
Said you wanted more
Given all that I could afford
Running on nothing but an idea
Of how all this was meant to be
Liked to think I knew anything at all
But at least in that sense
I know better
Told myself I’d never cross a line
Nowhere in sight
Standing at the threshold of nothing
Forget wondering I already know
Too far to be done
Give away everything because
One day you will have nothing to lose
Full circle from where I am to where I was
A pool of my words, a river of blood
Sitting in an ocean of my own thoughts
Where is it that I ever thought I was?

“I want to be found like a lost party in the desert”…

What’s one more dance with death
When life feels like it is leaving me
Tired of all the disease, the sickness, this infection
Tired of all the need, the want, this thing in me
What’s one more day with life
When death always feels like it is chasing me

Drinking the blood to replenish the soul…

A belief in something real
The idea that we are not alone
Drowning in questions with no answers
Free will was meant to be freedom
A broken system programmed into my head
The idea that any of this was meant to work
Is lost on me
Figuring out not even God
Knows what the fuck is going on

Digging at the stitches because that was the plan for today…

I’ve been baptized by a monster
Suffocating and sending me below
Hell a home I know
Hell is all there ever was
Take me with you when you go
I miss you so
So, you’ve sown me shut
Existence sending me below
Only hell that I’ve known
Bored and ready to go
Take me back home
How I’ve missed it so
Praying before the darkness
Let me go, let me be free
From the chains, the suffering, and the need
Swaying to the sound of a heart beat
Drowning to the rhythm of experience
Suffering to the collected sound
Of this dream
All that I need
Is to be
All that I need
Is right in front of me
All that I need
Been within me all along
Hell a home that I know
Hell was all there ever was
I miss you so you’ve shown me

Broken Thoughts
Layne Ambrose

Well it is basically over… the end of summer on this half of the planet at least… did you do anything fun?… I’m sure where I live it will feel like summer for at least a few more months… so I still got plenty of time to feel miserable… still have plenty of time to get that “summer feeling” out of my system… whatever that means… Until we meet again… I hope that all is well…

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