Got Everything I Wanted… Broken Thoughts…

Waiting on you
Waiting on the world to do
What I already know it will
Waiting for the moment
Is like waiting for
Everything to fall in place
I’d give anything for
What I already know
Gave it all and in a strange
Twist of fate it was true
Digging a grave
Draining the lake
Said my peace and now
I wait for the truth to accumulate

When I get like this… Thinking only makes it worse…

If I’m going to take the time
Working on being more direct
Rather than correct
Spent too much time being erect
An error in a linchpin
Pulled at the strings and now I can’t resist
Thanking about all the beautiful things
That make me feel like shit
Another day if I must say
Dissecting everything going on inside of me

It’s one thing if I fall on the sword… It’s another if you stare me down while you push it in…

Stuck a needle in my eye
Couldn’t tell anymore if I was alive
Took what I had left in this world
Watched, let it burn
Each page a thought that wouldn’t die
Starting over and if you knew you’d know why
They say a phoenix rises from the ashes
But what started the spark?
What took the great beast down in the first place?
Time, life, stress, just time to move on
Too much concern put on the end result
And not the process of it all

Broken Thoughts
Layne Ambrose

A little more on the experimental side for me… I have been trying to do things a little different with each cycle… if we don’t evolve we die… not trying to shed all the skin of course… we may always look the same on the outside… but I’ve been searching deeper within… to understand what each shadow actually means… I’m sure by the end of all of this… there will be some pretty different… weird stuff…

Hopefully for the better of course…each thought doesn’t always chew the same… some get stuck in the back of the throat… and others go down without you even noticing… just remember… at least no one is choking on glass here… will update the title where appropriate… in the mean time… hope all is well…

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