Misunderstood The Day Once Again… Something Different…

Standing Here

Tearing at the edges, pulled apart but I won’t give up
Forcing out the thoughts that have built up
The ones about life, the ones that put me here
Right or wrong still standing right here
Would I change anything if I knew
If I thought it would erase this hurt, pain, thoughts
Reading through old pages as though they are new
I don’t know
Who are we, who am I
Thoughts stacked up over time
Waiting to be washed away
Page for page, moments in time
God only gives us as much as we can handle
Volumes of dead trees about how I feel
What’s the point of all these thoughts
Drifting in the wind, tear them out
Sliding down the hill, give in already
Drowning in the lake, head above the clouds
I don’t see heaven, but I can see hell
Burning every part, scorching the skin left in place
Smoking filling the lungs, ashes left in the dark
If god knows why, why won’t they say
Left with nothing but questions and doubts
Leading up to something or nothing at all?
Tearing at the edges, trying to think of what to say
Forcing out the feelings I feel inside
The ones about life, the ones that put me here
Right or wrong watching them burn
Edge for edge, thought for thought, truth or lie
Doesn’t matter as long as it leaves me standing here
I don’t know, I guess

Layne Ambrose

I plan my days in advance… then I try to fit them into some sort of schedule… hints why there is a depressing poem about life on a holiday about being thankful… in the US of course… I wasn’t trying to be ironic… but it seems the world is serendipitous to my intentions… this cycle hits some other holidays as well… so it seems this will be a theme this year… can’t say I care very much… but I did at least notice at the last minute…

So in the spirit of the day… I thought I should share things I am grateful for… my family of course… for putting up with my bull shit on a day to day basis… if you think this website is anything… too depressing… too vulgar… to dark… haha… well this is edited… so you are welcome… if you don’t think any of those things… well you are probably a family member… and you are also welcome… : )

I also want to say thank you to everyone who has bought a book… or all of them… to anyone who has bought a shirt… a sticker… or anyone who has decided that they need a new wardrobe… to each and everyone of you who hits “Like” or leaves a comment… all these things may seem small or unimportant… but any and all of your support… means the world to me… thank you… from the bottom of my cold heart…

I couldn’t do any of this without you all… I get lost in my selfishness sometimes… but you are all still very much on my mind… front and center… So thank you to all my… family… friends… and everyone in between… Enjoy the day… holiday or not… enjoy each and every day… because we only get so many… I just want you to know… it is a pleasure spending even the tiniest of these moments with you… hope all is well…

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Thank You…

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