Dancing At Our Own Wake… Broken Thoughts…

So many words without any substance
What is it all for, nothing
What is it all about, nothing
So many thoughts that go no where
Has to be adding up to, nothing
Has to be going somewhere, nothing
Digging a grave made of words
Of things to be said
Digging a grave full of ideas
Of things that seem to matter
Broken spirit, shaky bones filled with
Nothing at all
So hard to separate
The words from the idea
The thoughts from the point
Of nothing at all

I never said that… Sure you did. It is just that sometimes the words are hard to understand while screaming them…

Faith in the hopeless
Still have to try
Still must push against the wall
Built in the mind
Forever can’t last
Has it always been this way
Locked away
Left to die
Left to suffer
Speaking truth in tongues
Turn to lies over time
Rambling ideas of the mind

A made up identity of all that I despise

Don’t take what was never mine
Get in fucking line
Wait to die
Know the order
“Know the way things are, are how they were meant to be.”
God’s words, natural selection
Do you understand?
A bible written in blood, truth, the only way
Look to Moses as he crossed the desert
Look to the prophet that said
“Stay here, for my people it is time to die.”
Where do you get the will?
To throw a book in the face of us all
Never understood a word at all

Broken Thoughts

Layne Ambrose

I’m sure there are about twelve other things I could address right now… but fuck it… I’m not in the mood… I’ve got Pokemon to catch after all… let’s be honest… can we be honest… Do we really need so many damn Pokemon?… Don’t get me wrong… I will trap… and collect them all… with a smile on my face… but it is starting to get a little crowded around here… do I really need a Pokemon in a teapot?… or one that looks like an ice cream cone?… I mean who thought… Let’s bring back the ice cream cone?… almost a thousand of these damn things… bring back the cone… and while we are at it… the chandelier…

Since we are being honest… and on the subject… What does it say about me as a person… that I am willing to leave a wake of “dying” Pokemon… in a long trail behind me… all in the pursuit to make mine stronger?… what kind of torture simulator am I playing?… pocket monsters?… I’m not so sure about that… I think we may be shifting the blame… the monster has been… and always will be… me…

Couldn’t make it to therapy this week… I apologize… for the outburst… but my therapist thanks you…

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