Layne Ambrose

Welcome to Chewing On Glass. My name is Layne Ambrose I am a writer, a visual artist, and an all around asshole. I’m not afraid of the truth whether hearing or saying it. I write about a wide variety  of topics, but I mostly focus on horror. The horror I tend to write about has more to do with the way we treat each other. The things we do to one another rather than big scary monsters that lurk in the night. I believe the real horror of this world are the ones we pass on the street every day, the people we elect to office, and people we may think we know. I like stories that have to do with every day people. Often most of my stories and views are through the eyes of the characters.

Enough about me. What is Chewing On Glass. Chewing On Glass is different from my other projects. Still connected, but separate in that this blog will focus on me rather than a book or a story. Though I will be posting previews for novels or stories that I have written or will be writing. I encourage you to check those out if you like actual story telling. This site will be more for comments and discussions about my writings, topics around the world, and reviews of things. I would love to also hear from you in either the comment section or by email.

Layne Ambrose 8/6/17