Broken Thoughts… Secrets Are Never Worth Keeping…

A break from reality
Spinning out of control
Thought you owned me
Thought you had me against the wall
You were never more wrong
A break from normalcy
Breaking down from the core
Thought you knew me
Thought so many things didn’t you
You couldn’t be more wrong
A break from everything
Digging down deep
Thought you could be me
Thought everything was so easy
You have never been so wrong
So simple minded
So insignificant
If you didn’t know you already were

I’ve got a deal for your soul…

With an empty mind and a heart full of cold
Walking the earth seems less like a task
More like something I have to do
Writing down every thought of you
With an empty mind and a heart full of gold
Capsized in between two rivers
Taking another breath seems more like a task
Then it should have to
Intentions meant to ease my attention
Only seem to drown my head in more shit
With an empty mind and heart full of cold
Breaking away from myself seems less like a task
And more like something I have to do
Coughing up blood made of passion
Once cared now I fear that I don’t
Lonely symptom of existence
Going through easy days as if I have no choice

Now that we are talking about it… It kind of hurts..

Wasting time for no reason why
Thinking of all the things I could say
Wasting time looking for a reason
Thinking about how I could
If only I would
Have I told you yet about how tired I am?
Can’t stop thinking about all the wasted time
Can’t do anything I can’t do anything about
Depression, laziness, excuses
Wasting time for no reason at all
Thinking maybe today or tomorrow
Try never because all I do is
Waste time looking for a reason
To justify why I do what I do

Lately everything feels like it is going to hell… the world… shit around me… but I feel so calm… that none of it feels real… I’m so lost in my own selfishness… that as everything sinks under… burns to the ground… I don’t notice or care… feeling the heat… but what does it matter to me?… growing older?… growing smarter?… learned over time… that the more I try to fix… the worst everything becomes… can’t dodge the flames forever… but until they touch the skin?… what difference does it make?…

Life is a spinning wheel it seems… there is always something… something in the way… something clearing a path… something hurting me… something trying to kill… and it all feel so useless… does it matter if it will come any way?… I wouldn’t stand in front of a moving train and think I can stop this… so why would I fight the fucking wheel?… with the same out come… what am I fighting so hard for?… feel almost as if my human switches has been turned off… the passion… the drive… the anger… the screaming… doesn’t change a god damn thing… so why bother with any of it?…

How I feel… feels like depression… but maybe it is just realization… happenstance of enlightenment… this all comes off as me being an asshole and something so much more than I should be… duality of a situation… spent too much time trying to figure it all out… only to understand there is nothing at all to figure out… finding hope in the scars… looking for truth in a lie… burying myself so I don’t die… all pointless if you ask me…

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Broken Thoughts… Before We Met… (Video)…

There’s a darkness that covers the sun
Night during the day
This feeling won’t go away
Is it morning or is it night
Does in matter?
There’s no will to even fight
Streams of consciousness
No more will to live
An idea without any sound
Bury me now
Before I drown
Take it for what you will
A rebirth with no resolution
Empty thoughts
Feelings of hopelessness
Trapped in an existence that
Doesn’t exist
Doesn’t Exist

Feel like I’m suffocating in a room full of windows…

It’s all pretty pointless
A fucking joke I tell myself
Why am I here
If I don’t want to be?
Why keep going
If none of it matters?
Do you see where I’m coming from
Lost my mind or only just begun?
A lot of questions with no answers
You think I’m wrong
But, know that I am right
Hate myself from somewhere deep inside

I actually posted this video last July… in case you missed it… here it is… pretty dark… but what did you expect from me?… wrote the music myself… though I was heavily inspired by Nine Inch Nails for this one,… really wanted a soft and then loud noise type of feel… it wasn’t everything I had in my head… but it was close enough… there is a “live” version I might post or use later of the same track… unsure… I like it… but it is a little odd… wait… everything I do is a little odd…

The words are from the video… in case you can’t watch it right now… not missing out on much… just music… still trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with my YouTube channel… hopefully by now I have figured out… Hope all is well…

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When There’s No More Room… Part 7…

I noticed the way she looks at me again today. The look of a blank stare, but it is not a blank stare. It is as if she is trying to tell me something that words could never really say. I see it in her eyes. Those cold green eyes. They appear almost gray as though something is hidden in them. Ten years I have stared into these eyes. Ten years I have study this girls eyes. I have watched as she has gone from child to woman and it is as though nothing has ever changed. Ten years of failure. Ten years of silence. I’ve run every test possible. Everything in the book just to hear her speak. Electroshock therapy, two electrodes attached to her head and enough electricity to shock anyone awake. Not a god damn peep. If it wasn’t for her pulse and her eyes I would rule her dead. I fought tooth and nail to keep her after she turned eighteen. The state told me she had served her time. I argued that she still needs to server more, but like this? Was it worth it?

Her crimes though not as extensive as the others leave a lot to the imagine nation as to why. Why a child would commit such a crime? A silent hour every week for ten years and I am not any closer to finding out the answer. Her eyes dance as if she is trying to tell me something. Maybe it is a neurological condition? No, I’ve tested that and came up with nothing. She chooses not to say anything at all. Ten years and I have never heard her voice. Witness, the neighbors claim to have heard her scream awakening them from a dead sleep. A scream like a siren only to stop. Replaced with silence. Imagine my jealousy to these complete strangers. Her eyes tease me like a loaded gun. Her eyes so innocent, so green, could they really have comprehended what she had done? Could anyone?

Could anyone understand fully the act of killing their parents? Witness testified that she was often beaten. Appeared to have bruises, black eyes, cuts all over her body. Never enough to raise alarm, but enough to noticed. The scars though faint are still there. What all her parents have done is lost in her eyes, but what she did has been well documented. The simplest of them all murder. The more complex. The ones I want to know, to understand? Hidden behind those eyes. How does a child carefully remove the skin of a person? Let alone their own parents? I know surgeons.  Doctors paid to be precise every day and every time. Even they do not understand how a child could be so methodic. A pile of skin laid on the floor as she began the real work she had set out to do. As one police officer stated in their report, “The organs were laid out. Laid out on display like we had to do in basic training for our rifles. Laid there ready to be put back in if need be.”

No, a child could not understand what they have done? Or could they? The answers sit before me waiting to be discovered. No evil in sight only a blank stare. Yet she sits before me. A child capable of tearing apart her whole family. A child who shaped the bones of her parents to that of some kind of monster. A child who took the skin of her mother from the floor and wore it like a costume until the police arrived. What kind of evil truly lives behind those green eyes?  

Sorry for the late post… internet has been down… the real horror of this story if you ask me… up an running… hopefully I won’t be late on the next one…

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