Begging Me To Stay…

The skin bleeds as the knife digs deeper
My skin spreads open revealing bone
The skin peels back as I pull
My skin lies in a pile on the floor
The skin is a metaphor for something I don’t know
My skin is missing but I am whole
Who I’ve always been
A separation between skin and man


Every silver car and every crowed stream
I’m sick of always cooking on your dreams
Starting to get to me
All the leftovers of your evil ways
Clogged arteries and every fast food chain
How many different ways do you need to die
Go ahead discuss, I’m all ears
Beat me over the head with your fears
Here are a few of mine
That all of this won’t sink in
Okay I have more
Not enough time to give a fuck
Dancing on the way to our deaths
Join the conga line you un-American prick
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They make the difference we couldn’t commit
How can we fail if we’re already dead
How could any of this ever matter
Except for in our heads


Forever is forever and eternity is only for a second
Eternity is eternity and life is only for a minute
Life is life and thought is only for an hour
Thought is thought but suffering is for a lifetime


Can you see everything you’ve become
Every little thing you have done
Like memories burning in the sun
Feel every ray and question why
Projections of thoughts against the wall
Reflecting on nothing at all
In some way became something
Each and everything
Apart of something bigger
Picture unclear, vision blurry
Think one day I’ll know
By then it will be too late
Time has a way of reflecting
The things locked inside our minds
Now is not the time or place
But at the end it all becomes clear
So we hope, so we believe
Kneeling down to you
Standing before the altar of time
All the signs pointing in every direction
All the paths wide open
What do I do?… 



Got a little weird with it today… felt like a weird day to me… maybe because I actually got some sleep?… unsure been awhile since this has happen to me… anyone with kids will understand this next part… had the night off from my daughter… had the whole night to do anything I wanted… so I chose to sleep… and we can all agree I made the best choice… 

Been working on more paintings… will be posting more in the next few months on my Etsy… I’ve even been working on some stuff that isn’t just paintings… trying to unlock something in my mind that I know is hidden in there somewhere… what it is I’m looking forward to finding out… 

In the mean time… you can check out more on Amazon… books… Threadless… shirts… Etsy… art… and any comments or reviews are always helpful… thank you for taking the time… see you all Monday… by then this good mood should have worn off… : )

Circling the Circles that Encircle Me

Terraria Is Not A Word

What the fuck is going on up there
So sick of everyone around
Catching time in a box to sell later on
How many foxes truly like to wear socks
So full of lies no idea why
Santa Claus can go fuck off
Coal is worth too much to just be handing out
Everything is worth something even if it is nothing at all
Even if it can grow on trees how much is it worth to me
Thought it didn’t make sense but then I thought about it
It does, words work themselves out
Draining out of each and every pore
Poor girl didn’t know, all the thoughts would lead to more
Imprisoned long before the terms became clear
Everything so unclear, a future without any past
Shirts off, shooting guns while the fire burns on
Rages within, rages all around, it’s all the rage these days
Sticks and stones who would have known
Words hurt so much more


Should Explain

It’s petty but it’s the petty shit that kills
Should I explain or keep driving the drill into my brain
No one’s listening while a bear shits in the woods
So all is okay, okay, it’s all okay
Maybe someone should explain what it means to be alive
Shitting my pants don’t need a reason why
So all mixed up, mixed up, it’s all mixed up
Give it enough time, let it sink in
Seeking the truth from liars never made much sense
The lie began around the same time as time
First clock must have seemed so useless
It’s too bad it caught on
Wasting something we choose to define
So all is okay, okay, it’s all okay
Maybe someone, anyone, no one special should explain
What it means to live when all the reasons disappear
When there’s nothing here to make any of this matter
Watching life slip away
Watching the world kill itself
What’s the reason again
Why does any of this have to make any sense anyway
Should explain, should someone explain
Should someone justify something that can’t be defined



Theme today is madness… and how we all go through it from time to time… sometimes it can be a nice place to visit… never stay anywhere too long though… 

Still haven’t been up to much… only living my boring life… dragging my ass across the hot coals that is my life right now… I hate summer so much… the sun brings life and all the great things that we have… but fuck the sun… we need to find a way to fix the atmosphere… you know easy shit… so I can have one less thing to complain about… it is a long list and I could use all the help I can get… 

Well I’ve said more than I wanted to say already… so see you Wednesday… 

TheardlessAmazon… or hug a family member… only if they want it… no forced hugs… it is awkward… 

A Child’s Sensabilty

Time for another turn of The Ungame… this weeks question…


What Do You Like To Do In Your Spare Time?


Things over the last few years have changed as far as spare time for me… Somethings I have always done or been into… the change happened when I no longer saw writing as a hobby or spare time activity… but rather something I wanted to do with my life… up until then though writing is a lot of what I did in my spare time… well it still is… though I don’t see that as spare time anymore… I see writing more as my other job… an issue that may come up in another post… so what do I do with my spare time?…

resize comics

Comics… I read a lot of comics… which is to say that I try to… the stack gets taller and taller every month… single issues… graphic novels… they’re all stacked up on my desk… some of the comics that I make sure to read every month are Kill or Be Killed… Evolution… Malefic… Port of Earth… a wide range of comics… I’m not really big into DC and Marvel as much… Batman White Knight has been really good… I’m/ was really into Gwenpool and Spider Gwen… but the one series was canceled and the other is on its last few issues… I am pretty much done with Marvel and DC at this point… the movies are a whole separate thing for me… but as far as comics go… there are just too many things I don’t like about them than I like about them anymore… I’m not sure if that is mostly about getting older or an actual criticism of comics… as a writer, there are always going to be things I think I could have done better… But to me, the last few years of comics from the big two have been mostly pointless… 

lego resize

Legos… I used to spend more time playing with Legos… but now I just dabble with them from time to time… this lack of Lego building though is because of money and my daughter… before she was born and even in the first few years, I had them all to myself… now that she has gotten older… well Lego time is mostly me building things for her to destroy… then there is the overall cost… I can mentally justify the cost of the Legos… but not when I’m not really building like I was… 


Movies and TV shows… I used to watch an ungodly amount of films… I’ve dialed back a lot as I’ve gotten older… in college, I worked at a video store… yeah they used to have those… and my wife worked in a movie theater… I would say that was the peak of my movie watching time… there were a few years there where I saw just about every movie to come out… I used to watch so many movies that I could guess the title and year of the movie by just seeing the first thirty seconds of the film… based on film grade… opening song… and if an actor or actresses name came up?… it was a done deal… yeah I was really bad… now I mostly watch Stand Up Comedy on Netflix… Have you seen the new Tig Notaro special?… I’m also a fan of Bill Burr… Chris Rock… Louis C.K. (the jokes, not the man)… Marc Maron… Ali Wong… and D.L. Hughley… I watch a lot of stand up… 

art resize


art 2 resize

And the final thing that I like to do in my spare time is Art… in fact I haven’t been writing that much lately because I have been focusing more on art… Which is why I feel pretty rusty right now… and I am in a super hurry to get things done… for that, I apologize… trying to get all the post done for next week in a day and I am running on zero ideas… need to be more responsible with my spare time… or so it seems… 


And Other Things From This Time Preview

Before They Hurt

Everything feels isolating
On a grander scale
Between one and a hundred
Between heaven and hell
There exists a place no one knows
From bad to worse
Things become uglier
Before they hurt

Everything feels indifferent
On a daily scale
Between Mondays and Sundays
Between this week and last
There’s not much in between
From day to day
Things never change
Before they hurt

Time ticks by becoming
Worse, becoming better
What is time but a scale
For depression, for life
What is done can’t be undone
Life on a scale between
Heaven and Hell
Before they hurt they will finally know

Give It Time

The future is laid to rest
As the present prepares to be condemned
The past has but faded
As the present seem to forget
With each passing moment
We march to our own death
With each passing moment
We learn the meaning of regret
The future is but ashes
As the present burns on
The past is but an ignition
To the presents very condition
With each passing moment
We watch as it all goes to shit
With each passing moment
We know not what to forget

Two poems about time from a book title And Other Things From This Time… Would it seem odd for it to not contain any poems about time… Time is a thing I obsess over… Something I search for more of as I watch it tick by… Something I’m always out of… Yet stuck right in it… At work, I’m known for having great time management skills… At home, not so much… For some reason, I can’t seem to translate those skills once I leave automatic doors of death… I get home and it is as if all time just goes away… a constant issue I struggle with… Time is nothing more than a scale for distance… How far can we get before we run out of it?… Where will we be in life when it is all up?…

I’m not alone in this journey through time… but I’d be a fool if I didn’t believe I was… We are all on a constant until we are not… intersecting between each other… running with each other side by side as we go through all this time called life… no one can run your path for you… though they will try… no one can tell you what you see… though they will try… your path and your time has and always will be yours… use it how you see fit… do what needs to be done… but remember not all of our paths are going to the same place…

As always we have things for sell over at Threadless… No one said you can’t look good on your path… though I’m unsure if these designs will help with that… haha… We also have books for sale over at Amazon… Please leave a review… even bad ones help… even if they only leave a smile on my face… this fire burns just fine all on its own but everyone could use more fuel… burning down the world is never as easy as it seems…