Author of the wildly successful I Could Give a Fuck and I Lied So It Must Be True. Layne Ambrose is known the world over for his brass humor and positive outlook on life. He is currently working on his next smash novel Selling My Life Away. He lives in sunny downtown Fargo with his two cocker spaniels, Razor and Blade. Look for more new and exciting stories right here at Chewing-On-Glass.com

Author of short stories, novels, poems, and many other forms of words.


Who Am I

I believe and in some ways it is fact that we are all two people. Who we are on the surface and who we are inside. Layne is easily my best character because I can’t tell the difference between the two. It is easy for me to feel, to relate to the character, which of course makes for a more personal story. Though with the blurred lines between myself and Layne it takes an emotional toll. A Lie for instance is as much about me as it is not.

I read the story on a normal level and I’m not sure I can ever write a story like that again. In many ways that is a great thing, but as a writer it is sad. I want to write everything at that level, at that depth, but it is so deep and dark I don’t know if I can. The real issue for me is the try. I didn’t try to write A Lie I just did. Page after page, day after day until all of it was out of me. A Lie is as much of a purge as it is a story.

Layne is still in me or I am still in Layne, but that moment in time is dead and gone. So where do we go from here? Besides deeper into the darkness. Trees made out of written on pieces of paper. The leafless trees cast a shadow even in the dark. Following the light has always been harder than I thought. In there is more, hidden underneath it all is more. If only I could let it all go could I understand the words laid out in front of me?

These things are said to become easier in time, but they haven’t for me. Life keeps piling on as much as I keep digging out. Burying me in all this useless bull shit I have to endure.

Layne Ambrose